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The Turks used helicopter drones in Northern Iraq-Danger in our islands about using them in Turkish airborne operations

The fact is that Turkey continues to produce a wide variety and numbers of drones, significantly strengthening its Armed Forces.

Recently, Turkey has acquired a helicopter drone called Alpin , from the company Titra , which is required to deliver 10 on an annual basis to the TED (Turkish Armed Forces).

The Turks used a helicopter drone to transport ammunition and supplies to their base in Northern Iraq.

According to Turkish media, the Alpin was recently used to transport supplies and ammunition to a Turkish base in northern Iraq, reporting:

"What Greece feared has happened! Turkey sent the Alpine to the area.

What was remarkable was the development concerning the Alpin unmanned helicopter, which was very popular in Greece and caused panic among its experts.

Ammunition and food were transported to the military base in Medina in northern Iraq in the Alpin.

The Turkish Armed Forces and MİT have reached an important stage in the fight against terrorism.

After UAV/SIHA, this time unmanned helicopters started to be used.

The unmanned helicopter named "Alpin" went on its first mission after the test phase. According to Yeni Şafak news, the unmanned helicopter delivered ammunition and food to a base area in Medina in northern Iraq.

Advantages of using the Alpin

Landing in base areas during periods of severe weather such as winter always involves risks. A solution to this problem was found with Alpin. An important threshold in the fight against terrorism was overcome as the unmanned helicopter moved quickly to the target location.

Security sources informed that a Sikorsky S-70 helicopter would consume about 240 litres of fuel from Hakari to Medina and also drew attention to the risk of the helicopter being hit during refuelling.

It was stressed that life safety is a priority and that all operations, except for recruiting/disbanding a team, can be carried out by an unmanned Alpin helicopter.

The biggest advantage of the Alpin unmanned helicopter is that it will be able to supply the base areas without being affected by weather conditions during the harsh winter months in northern Iraq.

Technical Characteristics-Numerical Data

The helicopter is 7 m long, 1.5 m wide, 2.35 m high and has a rotor diameter of 6.28 m. It has a payload weight of 340 kg and is easily transportable by vehicle.

The unmanned helicopter can carry a maximum payload of 200 kg including fuel.

The Alpin unmanned helicopter can carry multiple payloads and transmit real-time information to the operators. It has a wide-band satellite communication channel that supports operations in remote areas.

Other features of the Alpin include a full on-board autopilot system, fully autonomous take-off and landing system, remote ground control network capability, auto-rotation landing capability and high-performance flight control.

High-precision payloads include hyperspectral cameras, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR).

The Alpin is powered by a Rotax 914 UL engine with a power output of 115 hp. The maximum flight speed is 160 km/h.

The Alpin has a maximum range of 840 km and can fly at an altitude of up to 5,000 m. Its maximum autonomy is seven hours empty or two hours when fully loaded."

Impact on airborne operations

The use of the drone helicopter in the conduct of airborne operations by the Turks is significant, as it can refuel the forces of an airborne bridgehead with ammunition-propellants, enhancing the energy capabilities of the personnel operating in them.

This is of particular importance in the Aegean, since Turkish airborne operations are the most significant threat to the seizure of our islands-islands in the Archipelago by the TED, which, let us not forget, have 17 Brigades of their Army, Bordo Berelli Corps, and Army Guard commando forces trained to conduct similar operations.






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