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Erdogan's "six-wing" party against Sweden's NATO membership - There will be for sure cancellation of the supply of F-16s from the US


In our recent article entitled, "Erdogan's "trap" for US-NATO-Israel over F-16s - Why he is now bringing the issue of Sweden's membership in the Alliance to the Turkish Parliament for a vote" we pointed out that by bringing the issue of Sweden's membership in NATO now, Erdogan aims either to expose the US to NATO in case Washington, due to its anti-Turkish stance towards Israel, does not finally give the F-16s to Turkey, if of course the Turkish parliament accepts Sweden's membership in NATO, or to cause friction between Tel Aviv and Washington in case the F-16s are finally given to Turkey by the US.

We also reported that in any case, the issue of Sweden's NATO membership is not yet closed, as it remains to be seen when the Turkish Parliament's decision will be taken in terms of timing and what it will be, since although Erdogan controls it, he can use it as an alibi to cover himself against the US-NATO.

The "New Welfare Party" ally of the Turkish government will vote against Sweden's NATO membership



According to international media, "the Turkish government's ally, the Islamic New Welfare Party announced that it will vote against Sweden's NATO bid in parliament, citing the Quran-burning incidents in the Scandinavian country.

The Turkish government's coalition partner, the far-right New Welfare Party (YRP) announced on 24 October that it would not vote on Sweden's behalf on NATO in parliament.

Speaking after a party meeting, YRP Vice President Suat Kılıç said they would vote against Sweden's NATO membership in the Turkish Grand National Assembly

"Unless Sweden takes measures against terrorist organizations and terrorist activities that directly target the Republic of Turkey, unless Sweden adopts laws and is active in combating the financing of terrorism, unless Sweden ensures the extradition of terrorists who target the existence, unity and peace of the Republic of Turkey in Turkey, despite court rulings and red notices as long as Sweden maintains its stance of not (punishing) those who burn the Holy Quran."

Also a former youth and sports minister from the AKP, Kılıç added that their stance would not change "whatever the stance of any other political party on this issue."


Kılıç also called on all states, particularly Turkey, regional powers, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Arab oil-producing countries, the United Nations and NATO to use "the necessary force through international organizations against the genocide of Israel."

His remarks came after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Oct. 23 submitted a bill approving Sweden's NATO membership bid to parliament for ratification.

Since Erdogan's Justice and Development Party (AKP) has 263 parliamentary seats out of 600, ratification of Sweden's NATO membership will require the support of other parties in the ruling coalition in case the opposition votes against it.

The intervention of the Erdogan mercenary company SADAT

Similarly, the head of SADAT, a private military company with close ties to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said on October 24 that "if this bill is passed (in parliament), history will not forgive it," referring to Sweden's acceptance of NATO membership.


What is Erdogan getting at - The future of the purchase of F-16s by the US

The above begins to verify our assessment , that it is not certain that the Turkish parliament will eventually vote for Sweden's entry into NATO, at any secret urging of Erdogan, under the weight of developments in the Hamas-Israel war, namely the start of Israel's ground invasion of the Gaza Strip and the intense anti-Americanism that exists in Turkey.

Finally, it is known that the Biden administration had pledged some time before the October 7 Hamas massacre in Israel that if Turkey voted in favour of Sweden's membership of NATO, that it would drop its objections to Turkey's purchase of F-16 aircraft.

But then things changed, as Turkey sided with Hamas and against Israel in the war between them.

Consequently, we think it is almost certain that even if the Turkish parliament eventually votes in favour of Sweden's membership of NATO, which we doubt very much, it will be the Israeli lobby in the US that will not allow the sale of the F-16s to Turkey.


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