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New anti-ballistic protection products from Nurol Technology for the Turkish Armed Forces, based on the Germans

The Turkish defence industry has in fact made leaps and bounds in recent years in important areas, producing advanced technology total systems and ammunition.

In this way, it is strengthening the combat power of its Armed Forces, exporting some of them to other countries, thus contributing to the Turkish economy and the country's foreign policy in the context of military diplomacy.

It also seems that the Turkish defence industry wishes to become a leading pillar of its country's development, either by strengthening its cooperation with defence companies of advanced countries or even by acquiring the majority of their shares.

Turkish defence company has acquired a German specialist in ballistic protection

Based on the latter, we highlight an article in the Turkish media entitled "Turkey buys German defence company wanted by the US", which states:

"Nurol Technology, one of the leading manufacturers of advanced technical ballistic ceramics in Turkey and the world , has made a major move in the field of advanced technical ceramic technologies by purchasing a majority stake in German ceramic raw materials producer Industriekeramik Hochrhein (IKH).

The company, which develops and produces innovative ceramic solutions, is active in the automotive, engineering, aerospace, steel processing, casting, paper and textile, glass, environmental and energy engineering and healthcare sectors.

The General Manager of Nurol Technology, Selim Baybaş, said that as a company, they continue their activities in two main areas: the production of ceramics and composites.

Stating that they are making a strategic plan for vertical expansion and acquiring new capabilities in these areas, Baybaş stressed that they want to be the biggest, best, most advanced manufacturer of ballistic products and ballistic ceramics in the world as Nurol Holding

In this context, Baybaş said they acquired the majority shares of a company that had capabilities in the ceramics and powder metallurgy sector in Germany for about 30 years and added them to its structure:

The importance of the acquisition of Industriekeramik Hochrhein (IKH) for the Turkish defense industry

"We attach great importance to this. Firstly, as a Turkish company, being able to buy companies in Germany and transfer technology will be of great benefit. The latter is very important for the development of the Turkish defense industry.

Industrial knowledge-experience is an area that is gained over time and differences are closed over time.

This acquisition will give us a significant boost not only in ballistic ceramics but also in ceramics production in other areas. "Powder production and ceramics production, especially in electronics and different medical fields, has been a focus of ours and is now within our reach."

It will lead to important doors 

Noting that the main raw material of the products they produce is powder, Baybaş pointed out that powder metallurgy has become popular in Turkey recently and knowledge has increased. Baybaş made the following assessments:

"To be honest, the expertise of the company we acquired is far ahead of us in this respect. Therefore, first of all, it will allow us to produce the products we produce much better and it will also benefit us in producing new products using unknown powders in areas we have never produced before. The electronics sector is a sector that we do not know, that we are trying to learn and that we want to expand.

The company we acquired also has major initiatives and projects in electronic ceramics. It has important projects supported by the German government and institutes. We are very excited to be and participate in these. "It will open important doors for us and undoubtedly for our country's industry."

It will support growth and exports

Referring to the contribution of this market to export activities, Selim Baybaş said that producing the best powder in Germany and transporting it to Turkey is their priority in terms of supply chain management. Baybaş said:

"We have a start-up company in America. We are ready to enter the American market. We have established important relationships with major players. The American market is a very important and large market in the world in our sector. There is an important project that we recently signed in Europe. All this will give us a big boost in terms of powder production and growth. We also believe it will open huge new doors for us on the export side."

New Turkish anti-ballistic protection products for Armed Forces weapon systems

With the acquisition of Germany's KERAMIK HOCHRHEIN (IKH) by Turkey's Nurol Technology, Turkey gains access to highly advanced anti-ballistic ceramic protection technology.

We expect in the next period of time the Turkish company Nurol Technology, to manufacture advanced products in this field, which will enhance the anti-ballistic protection of weapon systems and means of the country's Armed Forces.

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