Greek-Turkish Relations
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Are the Turks preparing mini-submarines with 60 marines to land on small islands and islets in the Aegean?

While Ankara is asking us to stop arming ourselves supposedly for offensive purposes, it is building the "instruments" to attack our Aegean islands in the future, which it considers "Turkish" at every opportunity.

A new highly offensive weapon system is the new submarine being prepared by the Turkish defence industry, which will clearly carry out highly expansive missions, especially with the Aegean as a backdrop.   

Aselsan unveiled this system during the TEKNOFEST defence exhibition in Ankara last week.

This is a Turkish designed and built mini-submarine program that will carry up to 60 armored marines.

According to a social networking site, "the Landing Craft submarine, designed to support amphibious operations by boarding 60 Marines and delivering them undetected to shore."

The mini-submarine was implemented with the help of Turkey's scientific community as a bold yet very useful "underwater tool" for the elite Turkish forces.

According to reports, the mini-submarines are designed to be used by Turkish marines and frogmen, in special and very difficult missions..., such as landing 'unseen' forces on an enemy coast , taking a rocky islet and many other missions of unorthodox warfare.

This is in essence a "nuclear weapon" in the hands of the Turkish "submarine destroyers", in the Aegean environment, with which they may want to surprise the Greek side because of the proximity of the Asia Minor coastline to the Greek islands.

The leading exponent of Turkish revisionism, the former secretary general of the Turkish Ministry of Defence, and retired officer Umit Yalim, at a time when efforts have been made recently with the neighbouring country for a period of calm and cooperation.

According to him, there are 20 islands and 2 islets under Turkish sovereignty which have been occupied by Greece since 2004. As he says, the Turks own these islands but the right to use them has been given to Greece.

Specifically some of the islands that are addressed are Chios, Samos, Samos, Samothrace, Lemnos, Lesvos, Ikaria, Psara and Agios Efstratios!

"Most people don't know and call Lemnos, for example, a Greek island. No, it is not, the islands of Lemnos, Lesvos and Chios belong to the Republic of Turkey, as does the island of Samos. We only gave the right to use them, the ownership and sovereignty of these islands remained with the Republic of Turkey," he claimed, once again trying to create grey areas.

The Greek navy must and must seek an "antidote" to this very dangerous plan of Turkey immediately.

The above fully confirms our point that the Turks SAT have the capability and means to carry out underwater penetration of rocky islets, islets, intermediate and main islands in the Aegean, which is a mortal danger for us.

It is now imperative that the Aegean be monitored not only on the surface but also underwater, where underwater sensors, our special rapid intervention forces, and deterrent materials, such as the production of sounds that are destructive to divers, making it impossible to approach the coast, will now play a dominant role.

When a country, despite the economic problems that it is now facing, continues its military equipment programmes unabated, it means that with 'strong armed forces' it wants to impose its point of view ... even on its creditors.

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