Greek-Turkish Relations
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TCG Anadolu's first amphibious assault simulation - Τension is being expected in the Aegean after the end of the tourist season


In our recent article regarding the course of Greek-Turkish relations after the re-election of Erdogan, we formulated the assessment that the poor economic situation in Turkey, in combination with the tourist season, shape the temporary respite of tension in the relations between the two countries.

Indications of the formation of Greek-Turkish relations after the end of the tourist season

However, the Turkish positions and claims have not differed in the least in relation to our country, keeping on the table all its claims against us, while Greece recognizes the delimitation of the continental shelf and the EEZ as the only us difference in Aegean and SE Mediterranean.

Also the recent Parliamentary and Presidential elections showed Nationalism as a big winner, since the Nationalist parties gathered a percentage of 25%, showing that 1 in 4 Turkish voters is an extreme Nationalist.

The bad thing for Greece is the MHP of the gray wolves of Bahtceli and the IYI party of Aksener, they are the main partners for Erdogan and Kilicdaroglu in government and opposition respectively.

Following these, the position of the Turkish President and the Turkish Parliament is expected to be particularly harsh, unyielding and extremely aggressive in Greek-Turkish relations.

Finally, a clear indication of the Greek-Turkish course is the continuous inclusion of new weapon systems, means and ammunition in the Turkish Armed Forces arsenal, by the Turkish defense industry, which has intensified its efforts.

Our assessment is that for all these reasons, Erdogan at this stage and until the end of the tourist season will not take any aggressive action in the Aegean, however after this period we expect a return of tension in the Aegean with Turkish fault. We are talking about a temporary calm before the storm.

Turks conduct first amphibious assault exercise by TCG Anadolu

"TCG Anadolu L400, ZAHA amphibious armored vehicles, Chinook helicopters and T-129 ATAK attack helicopters conducted their first amphibious assault exercise," reports a reputable Turkish media outlet, noting:

"The Turkish Ministry of Defense released a video of the naval training operation conducted on June 1-4, 2023. FNSS company's Maritime Assault Vehicles (MAVs), also known as ZAHAs, which are produced to quickly cover the distance between the and the coast, appeared in the exercise for the first time.

Chinook transport helicopters and T-129 Attack attack helicopters of the Turkish Ground Forces supported the ZAHA operation.

The TCG Anadolu L400 amphibious multi-role ship, which entered the list of the Naval Forces Command in April, was used for the first time in an exercise.

The execution of the exercise

The Chinook landed on the deck of TCG Anadolu and the personnel who will participate in the operation boarded the helicopter. The ZAHAs landed in the TCG Anadolu's stern tank, entered the sea and covered the distance between the vessel and the shore.

As the ZAHAs moved ashore, T-129 Attack helicopters engaged enemy targets on the landing beach and then moved their fire support inland while the landing craft brought personnel ashore.

In the exercise, they examined the level of readiness of TCG Anadolu and the personnel who will serve on the ship to carry out a landing mission.

The tests at Anadolu for TB-3- Kızılelma and Hürjet

We remind you that according to previous statements of the late President of the Defense Industries Presidency Ismail Demir, "landing and take-off tests of the Bayraktar TB3 will begin this year. TB3 landed and took off from the ship in computer simulations. These simulations should be done for other aircraft as well."


Finally according to Demir, the landing and takeoff tests for Kızılelma and Hürjet at Anadolu will start in 2024 and 2025, respectively.

This means that since it does not yet have the ability to host the above mentioned aircraft on its deck, its aerial protection will be entirely undertaken by the Turkish Air Force, while the maritime one by the Turkish Navy.

The Greek answer

The existence of many of our islands in the Aegean, in combination with the important operational capabilities of TCG Anadolu, prompts us to consider the creation of a mini-aeronautical Task-Force, with the aim of constantly monitoring this mini-aircraft carrier of the Turks.

However, when Turkey equips the TCG Anadolu with drones in the future, the surface ships of our fleet that will take on this surveillance role should be equipped with an anti-drone system mandatorily, both for defensive and offensive reasons if required and which, in the context of media interoperability, will overlap the already existing National anti-drone system, which "covers" the territory of our country from the Triethnes of Evros to Strogili.

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