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French paratroopers received new personal equipment-The benefit for the Greek Armed forces in the Aegean-The capabilities are being upgraded

In the complex operational environment of the Aegean, it is known that a very critical role in the event of a Greek-Turkish conflict will be played by the military reinforcements that will arrive from mainland Greece to our islands, as well as the possibility of conducting operations deep inside the enemy's hinterland.

A prominent position in such a case will be the Special Forces of our country, part of which are our paratroopers, and therefore any weapon system-equipment and means related to the increase of their operational capabilities, should be carefully examined by us for possible acquisition , especially if this will come from a friend and ally like France.

Paragliders used by the French army - Features - benefits

"Soon new parachutes even more powerful for the French Airborne Troops," says an article by a reputable French media outlet on defense matters, the highlights of which in our estimation are the following:

"In 2021, the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) delivered to the Army the last sets of combat parachutes (EPCs), which had been ordered in 2009, under a purchase announced to the British company Airborne Systems Europe, which has since become IrvinGQ, for amounting to 73.5 million euros.

As a reminder, EPC replaced Personal Parachute Equipment (PPE), which had been used by airborne troops since the early 1980s.

With a payload capacity of 165 kg, compared to 130 kg for its predecessor, this new parachute makes it possible to perform jumps at lower altitudes, with the same level of risk," explains the French Army.

And this "gain contributes to the safety of the airplane while reducing parachutist vulnerability and landing dispersion," he continues.

In addition, DGA recently announced the partial certification of the Operational Dropper Grounding System developed by Zodiac Aerosafety Systems, undertaken by Safran and intended for special forces and commando paratroopers (GCP) teams. This system allows jumps from an altitude of 9000 meters and to travel, with a load of 200 kg.

The new "revolutionary" French type of parachute

However, a third type of parachute could soon be fielding the 11th Parachute Brigade, as part of the 'infiltration under modernized veil' project, which was revealed during a day of demonstrations 'dedicated to 'innovation'' organized by the Airborne Forces School in Pau, on May 29.

"This new system, specifically its canopy, offers a 30% performance gain compared to today's parachutes," the Army said on June 5, clarifying that it "will complete the SMTCOPS equipment program." :

"Training and preparation based on these parachutes will need to evolve in order to maximize this gain for business."

Like the SMTCOPS, this new parachute, developed by Safran, through its subsidiary Zodiac Aerosafety Systems, will allow jumps from altitudes between 1,200 and 9,000 meters. All with greater duality, between 130 and 270 kg depending on the different types of IVSM provided.

Provision for aggressive deep air penetration

In addition, another project is underway, entitled "Re-articulation renovated and modernized".

According to the Army, it's part of an "operation against an adversary that dominates, enforcing area denial, as much as electronic warfare," which involves remote landing zones ... and therefore longer infiltration paths.

It also addresses the issue of increasing the tactical autonomy of an airborne unit potentially cut off from its logistical and medical support.

For this purpose, some innovations have been developed. This is, for example, the case of the Deuntable Drop Mule, which can support loads of up to 255 kg.

The benefit from the purchase-use of the new French parachute from Greece

From the above we understand that France is rapidly upgrading the operational capabilities of its Paratroopers, reducing their vulnerability, landing dispersion and increasing their load at the same time.

The above is particularly useful in case of dropping our paratroopers in drop zones on our islands to reinforce the forces fighting there, since the losses of our Paratroopers will be minimized, the payload they will carry will increase, while on the other hand the time will be minimized pairing with the friendly units and receiving a mission from the Island Commander.


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