Greek-Turkish Relations
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Anadolu in the Aegean accompanied by a frigate of the Turkish fleet

Confirming yesterday's Pentapostagma revelation about the exit of the Turkish aircraft carrier Anadolu from the Dardanelles Straits bound for the areas that Turkey has reserved west and east of Kastelorizos for the implementation of the "degraded" operational exercise in place of the canceled "Thalassolykos", the Turkish flagship left the Straits a little while ago.

It is sailing in a southerly direction accompanied by a frigate of the Turkish Navy and possibly a submarine, which is probably confirmed as the S330 Piri Reis type 214TN is also seen sailing in the Aegean. The first Turkish submarine, equivalent to the Greek "Papanikolis".

At the same time, the staff in Athens is monitoring an additional number of ships that are also sailing towards the areas of the exercises, increasing the strength of the Turkish fleet in the area around the sandy island from 30 to 40 warships.

What is also interesting is the route the Turkish aircraft carrier will follow. That is, if he will sail through the heart of the Aegean or if he will go to his destination sailing along the Turkish coast.

The areas that Anadolu will go to are in the majority east and west of Kastelorizos and are reserved from the day before yesterday until June 12 with only a break during the day of the Holy Spirit.

Let us recall here that the Turkish Ministry of Defense had leaked that for the Thalassolykos exercise it would mobilize 107 surface ships, 9 submarines, 56 airborne units, amphibious infantry units and groups of marines.

The fact that the Anadolu is also a landing ship makes many talk about "training" near a possible target such as Kastellorizo.

All this while the news of gathering the required signatures in the American senate for the F-35s to Greece has at least created concern in Ankara

Tomorrow the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vassilis Kaskarelis, will travel to Turkey (Ankara), where, upon invitation, he will represent the Greek government at the swearing-in ceremony of the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

The Minister of Foreign Affairs will also sit at the dinner hosted by the Turkish President for the representatives of foreign governments.

However, apart from the demonstration of power in which Turkey will proceed in the next few hours with Anadolu, it also proceeded to illegally occupy the area between Skyros and Psara in the heart of the Aegean with NOTAM A3765/23 for the period of June 5 to 26 June for exercises of the Turkish navy and air force.

Let's remember that Turkey has no jurisdiction in the Athens FIR to issue NOTAM and block areas, especially for such a long period of time, something that Athens points out in its own anti-NOTAM with which it cancels the Turkish directive to fliers.


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