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S. Soylu: Erdogan is the leader from Damascus to Pakistan - They will be freed from USA-Europe

The latest statements of the Turkish Minister of the Interior Süleyman Soylu caused a great impression, since once again he appeared as the representative of the Turkish government in the most extreme expression of anti-Westernism and especially the USA, as he accused the American side of even collaborating with extreme Islamic terrorists Organisations.

But it is worth watching a video of Soylu's public speech on December 17, 2022, which portrays Erdogan as the leader of other countries in the region, as well as Turkey's role in "liberating these countries from the US and Europe."

His brief public speech is indicative of Erdoğan's megalomania, the anti-Westernism that governs his "company" and finally, the policy that Ankara will implement as a "hub" for energy and other goods, taking advantage of "the lack of vision but also of valuable leaders from the West", as Soylu characteristically says.

At the end of the speech, it should be emphasized that Soylu gives the impression of the leading role that Erdogan has planned for Turkey to play based on the "Century of Turkey" Vision, characteristically saying, "We have only just begun."

The conclusion is one:

The West should have no illusions that Erdogan's Turkey is going to return. He has "cut the leash" and is no longer interested in the West since he wants to play an independent and leading hegemonic role. Get ready for a Turkey out of NATO and out of the vestibule of Europe.


For practical reasons, we have translated Süleyman Soylu's speech so that it can be understood by everyone, in the following text:

"Tayyip Erdogan is not only the President of Turkey. I want you to know this.

I swear by Allah, If Damascus, Baghdad, Erbil, Yemen, Lebanon, Libya, Afghanistan and Pakistan will be freed from the oppression of the USA and Europe, if peace comes to these countries, it will be because of of the (Turkish) nation.

We are no longer the old Turkey. It is the first time we have such an opportunity in the 300 years since the beginning of the decline of the Ottoman Empire.

It is the first time we have caught the West without leaders and without vision. For the first time we caught the West, which was supposed to be making centennial plans, sulking and shivering from the winter cold.

When the food crisis started weren't they (Western leaders) who came begging Erdogan to open the grain corridor (from Ukraine)?

They are knocking on Erdogan's door, Turkey's door, so that they can benefit from the energy, so that they don't get cold in the winter and their factories work.

We've just begun."

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