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The Turks are provoking anger in Agios Dometios and the Cypriots are responding with a combat exercise in a residential area

Intensive training in Cyprus in the subject of fighting in populated areas is being carried out, as the island has become aware of the fact that if things come to such a pass that a new military confrontation with the occupying troops will take place, a significant part of it will be conducted within the urban fabric.

In this context, on Friday, 01 December 2023, the final phase of the fast-paced School of Combat within Urban Areas of the Officers and of officers and non-commissioned officers of Class 2022, organized by the 6th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, was held. 

During the School, co-training with National Guard (NF) National Guard Units, a number of Cadet Reserve Officers and Contracted Riflemen, of the organizing Brigade's Units, was conducted. The activity was considered to be particularly beneficial, as the personnel were trained in the tactics used in this type of combat and the opportunity was given to exchange experiences and know-how between "old" and "new" National Guard personnel. The culmination of the School, was the realization of a dual action exercise, with a scenario of a Group defence in an organized residential area and a Platoon attack.

Part of the exercise was attended by the Chief of the National Guard, Lieutenant General Georgios Tsitsikostas, who noted the level of training received by the Officers and Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers Class 2022 during the school and congratulated the personnel of the Brigade and especially the National Guardsmen and Reservists for their voluntary participation, their contribution and their selfless interest in the National Guard.

Training in combat within a populated area is made more relevant than ever by what is happening in the St. Dometius area. It is not irrelevant to the criticality of the events that the President of the Republic Mr. Nikos Christodoulides made an unscheduled visit on Sunday to the area of Agios Dometios, near the "House of Mary", to be informed on the progress of the implementation of the measures taken in the area by the Republic of Cyprus following the Turkish violation in the buffer zone.

During his stay there, President Christodoulides spoke with local residents and visited National Guard outposts, accompanied by the Chief of the Force.

Later, in his statements, the President of the Republic, referring to his passage there, said: "I came to see for myself personally what has been done, the violation that has been done by the occupation army, but more to talk to the people, to the residents of the area.

It is very important for me to hear from them. And I have to say that from everything they have conveyed to me they feel safe. I have discussed with them whether there are other measures that the Republic of Cyprus can take. We had some discussions and what they mentioned will of course be taken into account.


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