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The Turks are pressuring Cyprus: Flight of a Turkish aircraft over the Dead Zone


Ankara is preparing a new provocation in Varosia, Cyprus, at the end of May we wrote yesterday in Pentapostagma, and the events are coming to confirm the increased mobility of Turkey around the long-suffering island.

The flight of a Turkish aircraft over the community of Denia in the area of the Dead Zone was recorded and investigated by the authorities in Cyprus, while the incident is also being examined by the United Nations.

The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Christodoulidis, was asked about the issue, who stated that the Republic of Cyprus will take all the actions it has taken in the past, in relation to the illegal activity of the Turkish Air Force on the island.

According to ERT News, in his statements in Larnaca, Mr. Christodoulidis said that it is "an illegal activity on the part of the Turkish Air Force to record some data related to the dead zone. It is something for which we have had all the facts before us since the morning and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will take the actions it took in the past for similar incidents."

Asked if he is concerned by this activity, the President of the Republic said that "for anything in general I am concerned, for all the data I am here to be concerned and to take action. And of course it is something that, especially at the present time, cannot be described as something that leaves us indifferent, and for this reason I said that we will take specific actions".

As we mentioned in Pentapostagma, Turkey seeing that a deterrent wall is gradually being erected in front of it in the Aegean and in combination with the fact that it needs huge funds to rebuild the states that were destroyed by the earthquakes at the beginning of February, it seems that at this stage it has chosen to press the "soft" underbelly of Hellenism.

This event adds to the Turkish provocation two days before the elections, after Ankara once again raised the issue of Oinousses.

In particular, the Turkish Ministry of Defense chose to remember the...Inuses. With a post on twitter he referred to a minor naval incident between the Byzantine Empire and the Turkish Bey of Smyrna Jaha.

It is becoming clear that the grace period has ended after Greek aid in February's deadly and devastating earthquakes in Turkey, with Ankara returning to its standard tactics of provocations, aggressive rhetoric and distortion of history, claiming key points of Greek sovereignty.


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