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Exclusive: Ankara is preparing a new violation in Varosia, Cyprus at the end of May

Turkey, seeing that a deterrent wall is gradually being erected in front of it in the Aegean, and in combination of course with the fact that it needs huge funds to rebuild the states destroyed by the earthquakes in early February, it seems that at this stage it has chosen to press the "soft » hypogastrium of Hellenism.

With three illegal NAVTEX he proceeds to a series of exercises, small but highly symbolic in terms of the message they want to send to Nicosia.

Specifically, with NAVTEX 0478/23, it proceeded with a military exercise of the navy, sequestering an area at the Kormakitis cape for the period from May 16 to 16.

Continuing the provocations towards Nicosia, with the also illegal NAVTEX 0486/23, the Turkish Armed Forces are going to carry out a Search and Rescue exercise in the area of the coastal front of Famagusta and more specifically in the coastal front of Varosia, between 24 and 25 May .

This is clearly another challenge of Turkey as we should remind that in October 2020 and in violation of the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the so-called "prime minister", Ersin Tatar of the occupied by after the Turkish invasion, they announced that part of the coastal front in Varosia was being opened. Specifically, on October 8, points were opened from the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot Army Officers' Club to the Golden Sands Hotel. In November 2020, Erdogan and Turkey's ambassador to the occupied territories visited Varosia. In addition, the main Kennedy Avenue was renamed for Semih Sanciar, who was Turkey's Chief of General Staff from 1973 to 1978, a period including the Turkish invasion.

On November 27, the European Parliament called on Turkey to reverse its decision and resume negotiations with the aim of resolving the Cyprus issue, based on a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation, and called on the European Council to impose sanctions on Turkey if things do not go smoothly. they change. Turkey and the pseudo-state rejected the resolution, adding that Turkey would continue to protect both its own rights and those of Turkish Cypriots

On July 20, 2021, the 47th anniversary of the Turkish invasion, the Turkish Cypriot leader and the president of Turkey announced the lifting of military rule in Varosia and the pilot opening of 3.5% of the enclosed area. In fact, he called on Greek Cypriot legal residents and owners to appeal to the Real Estate Commission of the pseudo-state. "It changes or is an attempt to change the status quo of Famagusta, as determined by resolutions 550 and 789 and our reactions will be similar", was the reaction of the then president of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis.

Two days later and with its unanimous decision, the United Nations Security Council expressly and categorically condemned the Turkish declarations, reaffirming resolutions 550 and 789 regarding the status of the Varosians. He also reiterated that the solution to the Cyprus issue should be based on a bi-communal bi-zonal federation, as defined by his relevant decisions, thus, once again, rejecting any solution proposal promoted by the Turkish side that is outside of this framework .

At the beginning of June and specifically from June 5 to 11, the Turkish Armed Forces will carry out an exercise in the area committed to seafarers in the directive 0483/23 in the area east of Rizokarpasos.


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