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The series "Famagusta" caused emotions and anger awakening Hellenism to the existing Turkish threat

On the occasion of the TV series Famagusta by Mega, which concerns the duration of the second phase of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in August 1974, with the occupation of Famagusta, the second largest city of the island at that time, memories were awakened and anger overflowed for the modern genocide of the Cypriot people and the actions of the then Greek side that left the island "uninhabited".

The modern part was entirely Greek and its population fled and was never allowed to return.


Such series are a "stab in the back" to everyone in the country talking about Greek-Turkish friendship, (which in the past we have paid dearly for - September 1955 and deportations of Greeks from Istanbul when they secretly asked to become Muslims or else suffer the consequences).

Rage against the Turkish atrocities and the mistakes of Hellenism for the Clyprus tragedy 

The truth and the harsh reality of Turkish "friendship" on the small screen evokes associations and many emotions, especially for those who lived through these tragic events and experienced the Turkish barbarism, which has not changed today in 2024, not even a millimetre.

On the contrary, it has grown and become even more cruel against Kurds and Syrians in Northern Syria and Iraq, with purges, deportations and other inhumane practices of torture.

The huge mistake of the Greek side in Athens in 1974     

The Greek side in 1974 committed a fatal mistake, which is being paid for very dearly today both by Hellenism in Cyprus and by our country in the Aegean against the appetites of the Turks, because the two are and will always be linked.


The abandonment of Hellenism in 1974 gave Ankara the unique opportunity to set foot on a Greek island from end to end, with the tolerance of the US and the entire West, which today continues to tolerate the same barbaric Turkish expansionist policy in the Middle East, Libya and elsewhere, while under the pretext of the PKK's terrorism, we have genocide of the Kurds.

This tolerance then, which, as we have said, is still valid today towards the Turks, should put us on extra scrutiny for whatever the "neighbours" may want to attempt in the future in Cyprus and the Aegean.

Already the non-existent UN has equated victim and victim in Cyprus ( after the Turkish advance on the dead line) with the security trenches of the Cypriots against the Attila's hordes who have artillery equipped for warfare as we speak.

The Canadian official of the International Organization equated Turks and Cypriots for what happened in the Dead Zone, while Russia and China were the countries that most supported Nicosia's positions, as the British with generalities tried to get lost in the details of the Pyla incidents, even though British peacekeepers were beaten up by Turkish Cypriots.

So, the attitude of the US and the EU over time has not changed, and this has to do with today's Turkey, which especially today, is seen as the West's bulwark against the Russian descent into the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

This "dirty" policy of the West has continued unabated from 1775 until today 2024, especially after the war in Ukraine, since NATO is preparing to encircle the western part of Russia from the Black Sea side, making use of Turkish ports.

This a la carte view of international law is also following us in the discussions between Athens and Ankara, at the urging of our allies, who are asking us to give 'gifts' to appease Sultan Erdogan.

We owe it to history and to our ancestors to change course as quickly as possible and to prepare for a possible war crisis with Turkey, which wants Greek territory for the first time, precisely because of the tragedy in Cyprus in 1974.

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