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Karamanlis and Samaras were right about Erdogan-Turkish fait accompli in Cyprus and "silence" in Athens

Before the rooster crowed (a reference by former Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis and Samaras to a front that in the next period we will see Turkish revisionism unfold), they were verified after the Turks beat Hellenism in Cyprus, and in Athens we have "the silence of the lambs" after Erdogan's magnificent visit.

Turkey is already causing a fait accompli in Cyprus, and with its cajoling in Athens it is trying to "freeze" any Greek reaction, lest the supposedly good climate be disturbed and violations and threats begin in the Aegean and the Mediterranean.


In the recent Athens Declaration co-signed by Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Tayyip Erdogan, former Prime Minister Mr. Karamanlis spoke of "grey regulations", which, he said, "aim, through arbitrary interpretation by our interlocutors, to freeze or suspend the exercise of our national sovereignty in the Aegean, Thrace and Cyprus, where the strategic depth of Hellenism is judged, cannot be tolerated".

Antonis Samaras, had spoken out, insisting on calling Erdogan a "pirate", something that has paid off in the past.

The two former Prime Ministers having knowledge of the tertipies of the Turkish neo-Ottoman diplomacy spoke publicly about "grey zones" and of the pirate Erdogan, who indeed intervenes where he plans, writing international law on the old shoes, were absolutely right.

Athens and the government are certainly interested in a good climate with Turkey for many reasons, but that does not mean by any means "temenades" to the Sultan of the Gerapetrite type.

Turkish fait accompli in Cyprus and the silence of the lambs in Athens   

For the past week we have been seeing an intensification in the construction of fortifications right from the barricade to the Kappari area in Paralimni. Most probably it is to allow Turkish offensive weapons to enter.

The Turks in the area of Agios Dometios put cameras and large searchlights and moved a whole company near the house called Maria.

Previously, the Turks prepared a road to Pyla which aims to disrupt the existing situation in that village where Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots live in harmony, since this in fact reverses Turkey's plans for the creation of two states on the island.

At the same time, they are constructing a radar base in occupied Karpasia, upgrading the airport in Lefkoniko for use by drones and constructing a naval base in Bogazi.
It is obvious that the construction of the Turkish base in Bogazi is part of Turkey's strategic objectives to control the region.

Dead Zone and Turkish plans

Turkey in Cyprus as well as in the Aegean "has indulged in its favourite occupation" which is the "greying" of Greek territory.

Only in the mainland this concerns the buffer zone, which with so much blood, pain and tears the Greek and Greek Cypriot forces kept away from the "hands of Attila" in the summer of 1974.

It is clearly not just a few metres but 32 km of Cypriot territory, which is what the name of the 'buffer zone' refers to, between the two sides, but which the Turks are claiming.

All this constitutes a major threat to Hellenism in Cyprus, and Athens has not made a sound, just to avoid spoiling the "manufactured" good mood by Ankara.

The neo-Ottoman Turks know us well and are playing a rough game with Greek diplomacy, based on Athens' need for peace in the Aegean ( everyone wants it), and good external evidence (USA) for talks with the Turks.

But the Turks, if we do not react to the violations in Cyprus in a forceful way, will one day suddenly increase the tension with our country, and will seek to provoke either in Zourafa or in another islet, because that is simply what they have learned for hundreds of years.

The sooner the entire Greek political elite understands this deeply, the better for Hellenism.

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