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Turkey sent a letter to the UN condemning the renewal of UNFICYP's presence in Cyprus

Turkey is striking for the renewal of the mandate of the peacekeeping force in Cyprus, sending a letter to the UN, as it is known that it has its own plans for the island.

The UN "insists on settlement models that have been tried and failed many times", the Turkish Foreign Ministry announced after approving the extension of the peacekeeping mission in Cyprus.

The peacekeeping force, one of the longest-running UN peacekeeping missions, has been on the island since 1964.

"The UN Security Council unanimously approved a resolution renewing the mandate of the UN peacekeeping mission in Cyprus for another year, without the consent of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)," the Turkish statement said.

"Due to the conditions prevailing on the island, it is necessary to maintain the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) beyond January 31, 2023" until January 31, 2024, according to Monday's SA resolution.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a statement criticizing the move, saying that “the Security Council, detached from reality and unconcerned with the TRNC's will for a two-state settlement, insists on settlement models that have been tried and failed many times.

This situation is incompatible with common sense and good will and shows that, instead of promoting a real settlement on the island, the Council is unable to free itself from Greek Cypriot influence," she emphasizes.

The UN Security Council cited the lack of agreement as fueling political tensions and deepening the alienation of both communities, risking irreversible changes on the ground and reducing prospects for settlement, to justify the move.

Turkey, on the other hand, accused the United Nations of "contradicting itself in the call for cooperation, while "ignoring the realistic, constructive and sincere proposals for cooperation conveyed by the President of the TRNC Mr. Ersin Tatar".

"Once again, the UN Security Council has ignored the inhumane and illegal embargo imposed on the Turkish Cypriot people," added the Turkish ministry's statement.

Ankara wants the complete demilitarization of Cyprus with the first step being the withdrawal of the UN armed forces, while in the second phase the target will be the Greek ELDYK.

A constant pursuit of Turkey and the controlled Turkish Cypriot leadership is the demilitarization of the island so that, combined with illegal immigration, it falls in the future into the "hands of Ankara", something Hellenism will never allow in these lands.

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