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Everything changes due to new developments-Greece goes for self-protection systems in tanks-TOMA and CH-47D helicopters

On February 13, 2024, a presentation was made to Army General Staff staff by representatives of the BAE Systems company regarding self-protection systems for the CH-47D and AH-64D A/Vs and sensor systems for the self-protection of tanks and TOMA.

The British company BAE Systems presented a series of self-defense systems for Army Air Force helicopters and armored vehicles to our Greek Army staff.

What is the Greek General Staff preparing for our tank fleet?

Much has been heard and written for months about the modernization of the Greek Leopard-2A4 and Leopard 1A5 tanks.

This clear message comes to us from the Ukrainian war, as this war is changing many regulations in the War Schools of all European countries, due to the great innovations that are already taking place on Ukrainian soil.

The widespread use of unmanned aerial vehicles and drone-suicide (floating munitions the official name) have made all weapon systems easy targets for scrap metal.

It is imperative in our country, and now we are moving to shield our mighty tanks, because the "neighbors" already have a strong fleet of UAV-UCAV and drone-suicide.

For example the roof of our tanks is exposed to aerial strikes from drones, while the Crew Chief uses his machine gun uncovered in any future battlefield against enemy fire.

Everything indicates that in the future, Greek tanks will have a self-defense system against anti-tank missiles, when and if they are called to fight in an environment if not superior, at least similar to that of Ukraine, in Evros and Islands due to Turkish drones.

The firepower combined with the protection of our weapon systems and primarily of course our personnel, will give us guaranteed survival and victory in any confrontation in our area.

Installation of self-protection systems on CH-47 Chinook helicopters

The implementation of a self-defense and electronic warfare system installation program is extremely necessary for the protection of our transport helicopters, which during military operations will shoulder the heavy task of transporting personnel and weapons systems to the islands of the Eastern Aegean, for example.

Indicatively, the plans refer to self-protection equipment, which must consist of a thermoball and air balloon launcher, a radar warning system, a laser warning system, etc.

The Greek Air Force has a total of 25 CH-47 Chinook helicopters

Of these Nine concern the CH-47DG version

The Six belong to the CH-47SD version and were received in 2001.

While the remaining 10 the CH-47D version and were received between used by the US.
The Greek CH-47DG transport helicopters do not have a self-protection system, and this is something critical for our country in case of military operations.

We remind you that in the field of upgrading the electronic equipment and electronic warfare applications of the CH-47 Chinook transport helicopter, the Ministry of National Defense has already made the decision since the helicopters may participate in peacekeeping missions of NATO and the EU.

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