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The 6th generation Future Combat Air System fighter that is under development and the Greek reality

Without confirming Greece's participation but stating the obvious, namely that the Armed Forces are examining all programmes for the development of new weapons systems, the Minister of National Defence Nikos Dendias answered a question raised by the Hellenic Solution party regarding the country's participation or not in the 6th generation fighter development programme.

The question was specific: "Recently Belgium confirmed its commitment to the Future Combat Air System (FCAS) programme, regarding the development of a European 6th generation fighter. Its confirmation lies in its willingness to sign an observer agreement as an initial step towards joining the programme. Its integration and integration is expected in the summer of 2025. The FCAS programme is seen as the prospect of creating an integrated system, including the Next Generation Weapon System (NGWS) and other airborne combat assets such as loyalist wingman drones and drone squadrons in addition to the 6th Generation Fighter Next Generation Fighter, which will gradually in the future replace the French Rafales, German Typhoons and Spanish EF-18 Hornets by 2040

In view of all the above, will the Minister say whether the Ministry of Defence intends to include the country in the FCAS (6th generation fighter) programme immediately or in the short term, even if only as an observer in the first phase?"

The reply bearing the reply of Nikos Dendias is as follows: "A necessary condition for the participation of the Ministry of National Defence (MoND) in weapons systems development programmes is the existence of a relevant operational requirement from the relevant MoND and its consequent prioritisation in the equipment planning for the implementation of the provisions of the current Force Structure. In the above context, the competent services of the Ministry of National Defence and the General Staffs, based on the procedures provided for in the National Defence Planning, shall examine all programmes for the development of new weapon systems to strengthen the Armed Forces, as well as the possibility of the participation of the Domestic Defence Industry in these programmes, with a view to upgrading the operational capabilities of the Special Forces".

The facts so far, however, are that Greece is waiting for the green light from the US for the F-35, which is a 5th generation fighter and which, given the country's fiscal capabilities, is already considered too expensive. So discussing 6th generation fighters now is legitimate but certainly not of the moment as the Armed Forces must for now delve into other more topical issues such as the operational integration of drones. Something the new Chief of Defence Staff is going to address

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