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The sabotage of the submarine pipeline at Aegina happened due to submarine commandos

As we mentioned in an article this morning, two acts of sabotage in Aegina and Crete caused a lot of questions.

Revealing video about the new sabotage of the underwater water pipeline in Aegina has come to light. The sabotage was done with the use of an explosive device, which was placed on the seabed at a depth of 50 meters and destroyed the cement lining of the pipeline, as was established by an autopsy of the management company.

According to SKAI, the method followed leads the authorities to believe that the perpetrator or perpetrators had Special Forces training.

Watch the video:

Μηνυτήρια αναφορά από Χαρδαλιά για τη νέα δολιοφθορά στον αγωγό

On Friday (2/2), the regional governor of Attica, Nikos Hardalias, filed a subpoena against all those responsible for the sabotage of the underwater water supply pipeline of Aegina, to the head of the Criminal Prosecution of Piraeus.

The district governor submitted to the Prosecutor's Office material supporting the indictment report from the competent services of the Region, as well as relevant inspection reports, so that the investigation into the commission of any criminal acts against all those responsible can be launched with rapid procedures.

In fact, this is the fourth act of sabotage on the particular pipeline, which connects Aegina with Salamis, resulting in the interruption of the island's direct water supply from January 24. The issue was also discussed by the regional council during its recent meeting, during which Mr. Hardalias informed the House about the findings of the competent services and about the upcoming legal actions of the administration.

"We will not sit idly by. And if some people think that they will play with the health of the citizens, they are being laughed at. Everything will come to light", said the regional governor of Attica after the filing of the report, stressing that he notified the Prosecutor's Office of every available element, requesting a preliminary examination to reveal all those involved in the matter.

The following is the full statement of Mr. Hardalia:

"We will not remain mere spectators in this unacceptable event, with continuous sabotage of a critical infrastructure, such as that of the Aegina submarine pipeline. Justice and the state have both the means and the procedures to put an end to what is happening. I would not like to expand further.

Today, we are filing the complaint and asking for specific things to be investigated. Let everyone know - no matter how hard they try to hide - that everything will come out. And we know. And we want to. And we can provide solutions. And rest assured, those who are on strike in these types of procedures, that they will find us facing them in every case that concerns the Attica Region.

We want to know exactly what happened. Who may be fraudulent or who may feel that they have to gain through this process, we will not say, the Justice will say after the investigation it will do. I want the residents of Aegina to know that we are by their side. The Region of Attica - I say it again - is not a spectator in this game that is being played. He actively participates in everything that concerns the life of the citizens."

Heraklion: Vandalism in 33 places on the vehicle with the  Independent Electricity Transmission Operator cable

About a week will be needed to repair the damage caused by unknown persons to the installation machinery of the underground part of the cable, north of BOAK.

Specifically and according to information, the perpetrators caused damage to 33 parts of the hydraulic and electrical installations of the special specification truck carrying the bulky cable for the Crete-Attica electrical interconnection project.

Police investigations are in full swing.

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