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The Germans threaten Greek Shipping with sanctions because of Russia: "The Greeks transported Russian oil"

Berlin's insidious plan against the strongest merchant fleet, which is the Greek one, is being implemented as everything shows, while they know what Greece has been through for 10 years.

The German narrative has for a long time targeted Greek shipping, and especially our powerful merchant fleet, with the aim of upgrading the German fleet, and preventing the transformation of Piraeus into the largest EU port, due to China.

With paid articles against Greece, Schäuble's friends, German industrialists and rich people, are trying to put Greek commercial shipping in the sights, mechanisms, of the USA, with the aim of degrading it, but without success.

They also tried during the period of the memorandums for the "friendly" Germans to intervene and they failed, just as they will fail now, since they have set a goal after the creation of the super fund of Greece, to put a hand in Greek shipping as well, under the pretext of the war in Ukraine.

The German article states that “many analysts and experts have repeatedly said that Europe, which imposed them under pressure from the United States, is suffering the most from the anti-Russian sanctions.

And yet, not all EU countries suffer from sanctions, some even manage to earn money from the outbreak of the crisis, writes the German publication Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (DWN).

According to media, about 80% of people living on our planet have not joined the economic restrictions against Russia. Among such countries there are even European states.

For example, Greece, which not only did not support the embargo on Russian oil, but increased its profits thanks to the energy crisis that broke out in Europe.

Greece has a fairly large fleet of oil tankers, which has a serious impact on the transport sector.

That is, Greece can promote and defend its interests in Europe. In Athens, until 2022, "black gold" from Russia made up 34% of Greek traffic and now this percentage has reached 50%, which is an absolute record for Greece".

The Germans stress the need for a deeper analysis of the impact of economic restrictions on all countries before deciding whether to impose sanctions.

But they themselves do not make a fuss at all when their real friends, the Turks, accept hundreds of Russian oligarchs, Turkish banks are filled with Russian money of dubious origin, Russian military aircraft pass through the Turkish FIR, etc.

There, Berlin keeps a fishy silence, to a point that is truly infuriating, since dozens of German companies are active within Turkish territory.

Berlin and the elite that controls this country, cannot but harm the Greek shipowners, as they have their own way of moving goods around the world.

The 4th Reich called the EU, and controlled by the Germans, has been seriously shaken for some years now, and it is estimated that the war in Ukraine will accelerate its disintegration even faster, since it will have no real government. Already what we are seeing in France are the preliminaries of the dissolution of the structure called the European Union.

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