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Texas Governor: Biden should learn from Putin how to work for our interests (Video)

 A catapult against the American president was the Governor of Texas Greg Abbott after his statement that: "Biden should learn from Putin how to work for the national interests".

This is a "fire" statement that targets the entire American foreign policy, both at home with immigrants and abroad with Ukraine.

Perhaps the governor of Texas thinks that the US has poured tens of billions of dollars into a bottomless hole in Ukraine, ignoring its own problems.


They are recruiting veterans of the Army and Police in Texas

At the same time, veterans are being recruited to help seal the Texas border.

“They want ex-law enforcement, ex-military, and people who are trained. That's not really necessary to be a protester,” said Tom O'Connor, a retired FBI special agent who worked on domestic and international extremism for more than 20 years.

“This could end very badly. Citizens clearly have the right to be angry about border issues and to legally and peacefully protest their views ... but sending veteran military personnel between the already strained relationship between the state of Texas and federal law enforcement is probably not it's a good idea", he emphasized.

The organizers of the march to Texas posted on the video platform Rumble and X (formerly Twitter), about the "invasion" of immigrants in the USA.

In a video, one of them said: “We cannot sit by and watch our borders, our language and our culture being destroyed. This type of invasion is reminiscent of the "Great Replacement" scenario.

What we fear is that "permissive immigration policies are designed to replace white power and culture in the US," O'Connor and Cruz said.

The convoy continues on its way to Texas

A protest convoy warning of an "incursion" of migrants at the US-Mexico border left Virginia and began heading toward Texas, where a standoff between the state and federal governments over border authority and security continued.

The march was organized in part by Pete Chambers, a former US Army lieutenant colonel who spoke about the movement this week on shows hosted by well-known journalist Alex Jones and former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson.

Organizers urged veterans and members of the U.S. Armed Forces to join their cause, writing on their website that they are inviting “all active and retired members of law enforcement, and military, elected officials, business owners, ranchers, truckers, bikers, and law-abiding, freedom-loving Americans to participate."

Convoy organizer and "Sovereign Radio" host Scotty Saks claimed that active-duty US Navy SEALs and Green Berets planned to participate.

The Take Our Border Back group said it plans to pressure the federal government by holding a Feb. 3 rally in Quemado, Texas, located just 20 miles north of Eagle Pass.

In a 5-4 decision last week, the US Supreme Court gave the Border Patrol the power to cut their wire fence.

The ruling was narrow in scope, and while it essentially says Texas can't block federal authorities from the border, it doesn't stop the state from taking action.

Twenty-five Republican governors issued a joint statement supporting Abbott's right to self-defense.

The problem is that there have been reports since Tuesday of "invaders and provocateurs" who may be planning to disrupt Convoy's efforts, and there are also fears of extremism with the situation very volatile.

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