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A senator called for 'national divorce' between North and South in US - 700,000 citizens with guns are protesting to Texas-Arizona

The threat of civil division in the United States is growing stronger, while there is no going back on the issue of immigrants, since the majority of the country's citizens are against the mass invasion of thousands of immigrants into the country.

The fight between Biden and Texas is now reaching incredible scenarios

House Senator Marjorie Taylor Greene  called for a "national divorce" between Republican (southern) and Democratic (northern) states, in an unprecedented statement on the issue that has deeply divided the US.

This actually means a split in the country, as already happened during the Civil War.

At the same time, the Texas supporters' campaign called Take Our Border Back is expected to draw 700,000 people to protest the border crisis.

"We are ordinary citizens. We have Canadian truck drivers, moms and dads. We have motorcyclists. If people could bring horses they would bring horses. I know the numbers have reached 700,000. I think it will be maybe we have a bigger number than that", says an organizer of the protest.

He reported on a second convoy leaving California for Yuma, Arizona, another area where migrants are constantly flooding the border and where for months those people could simply pass through open gates in Lukeville.

A motorcade of armed volunteers will travel halfway across the country from the East Coast city of Virginia Beach to Eagle Pass near the Mexican border.

Participants in this protest will hold rallies in Arizona, California and Texas, and anyone with a personal weapon can join them.

The protesters thus want to draw the attention of Washington and Joe Biden personally to the disastrous situation at the border.

Ordinary Americans demand that the borders be closed completely and that all illegal immigrants be deported immediately

Washington, however, according to the local media, has shown complete weakness.

The Texas government, led by former attorney general and Republican Greg Abbott, has tried to tackle the immigration crisis on its own.

He allowed his police officers to arrest illegal immigrants. National guards placed barbed wire on the border.

Fearful of the popular governor's will, Joe Biden appealed Abbott's law to the Supreme Court, which unexpectedly sided with illegal immigrants, and barred Texas authorities from closing the border.

In response, Abbott ordered his National Guard forces to close the border (in the United States the National Guard is not under the federal authorities, but under each governor).

Yesterday, 25 Republican governors issued a joint statement in support of Abbott, praising him for "protecting American citizens from illegal immigrants, drugs and terrorists infiltrating the country."

We do not know exactly what is taking place in the US, but the scenario of a civil war that many are talking about is not in sight, but it is now clear that in the run-up to the presidential election, the antagonism between the two parties will grow enormously.

The US attack on the Houthis did not have the approval of Congress

Biden's position is undermined not only by his retreat from the onslaught of illegal immigrants, but also by his ignominious loss in the war with the Houthis, writes Defense News.

More and more members of Congress (not only Republicans, but also Democrats) are questioning the president's authority to decide on strikes against the Houthis.

Democratic Senator Tim Kaine wrote a scathing letter to Biden, demanding that he justify the need to go to war with Yemen.

"The President launched the intervention without obtaining military authorization from Congress. At first some people swallowed this arbitrariness. But now there are more and more disaffected because Biden is preparing for a long war and possibly planning a ground invasion. When the zinc caskets arrive in the United States from the Middle East, the American voter will question both Biden and congressmen.

Israel's commercial interests are being served at the expense of American taxpayers, outraged lawmakers say in a letter to Biden.

Moreover, the American military operation did not lead to any results," the article emphasizes.

The airstrikes did not deter the Houthis, leaving their entire military infrastructure intact. In addition, the rebels even stepped up attacks in the Red Sea.

The Houthis began bombing merchant ships in October to demand an end to Israeli bombardment of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

In response, the Pentagon launched Operation Prosperity Sentinel, joined by the United Kingdom and many other countries.

However, this is not the first time that the Americans have started wars in the Middle East in violation of the law. In 2019, Donald Trump supported Saudi Arabia's intervention in Yemen.

The 45th president did not seek permission from Congress, which in retaliation passed a resolution demanding the Pentagon cease hostilities.

Trump vetoed the resolution and the operation continued.

As a result of the bombing of Saudi Arabia, whose information was provided by the United States, almost 15 thousand civilians were killed, Defense News reminds. How many losses in Yemen the Pentagon has attributed this time is still unknown.

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