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They are preparing impeachment against Biden and the accusation of the security minister-Idaho sent forces to Texas

The immigration crisis in Texas has turned into a direct confrontation between Republicans and Democrats, bringing the US into dangerous trouble.

Unfortunately, this also prejudges the outcome of the upcoming presidential elections, since the country has been divided into "two", and whoever wins may not be accepted by the other side.

White House standoff escalates-Idaho sends police to Texas

Idaho Gov. Brad Little announced that he will send Idaho State Troopers to help secure the Texas border.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said earlier that the federal government and Biden have broken the state-federal agreement by failing to uphold the constitutional mandate to protect states from outside invasion.

The high court has ruled that the federal government and the United States Border Patrol are able to limit fence blockades erected by the Texas National Guard.
Republican governors across the country are sending support to Texas.

Idaho Gov. Brad Little said, “There is a direct correlation between the lax southern border and the flood of deadly illegal drugs like fentanyl coming into Idaho communities.

These drugs are taking the lives of our loved ones, family members, friends and neighbors."

This isn't the first time Idaho's governor has sent troops to the border.


“Not only have they gone to Texas to help, they've also been there to learn how to protect Idaho from the dangers of drug trafficking. This time they will learn more about human trafficking. I am deploying two more teams of Idaho State Police members to assist Texas and once again serve as a force multiplier on our lawless southern border.

This time I have instructed our men to learn all they can about anti-trafficking so they can come back here and stop this insidious crime in our communities,” said the Idaho Governor.

They are preparing a censure against Beidnen and the impeachment of the security minister

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo demanded to know where the Texas-Biden feud is going on air:

“What is going to turn into a civil war? I mean, do we have Texas rights versus federal rights, both sides with guns?”

The Fox News host asked Texas National Guard Lt. Dan Patrick about the prospect of a "civil war" if the standoff escalated to the border.

“We have a right to defend our citizens,” replied Patrick, “We have a right to defend this country. And we just do our job.

These young men and women who serve in our National Guard are the best of the best. Why does the White House insist on sending someone else to do their job?"

Republicans seek impeachment of Biden and impeachment of US Secretary of National Security
Republican House Senators have unveiled two articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorka for his failure to secure the US border.

"Mallorcas has been accused of 'willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law' as hundreds of migrants continue to flood into the US every day," they said.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas (right) with President Joe Biden face a no-confidence vote in the US House over the handling of the border crisis.

Sen. Mike Johnson, R-La., said "the House will move as soon as possible to a vote.
Voting requires only a majority of the House. The Senate will hold a trial and a two-thirds vote is required for conviction, an extremely unlikely outcome in the Democratic-run Senate.

The Democrats say the Republicans conducted a sham impeachment against Mallorca and do not have the constitutional grounds to impeach the minister."

Meanwhile, several Republican governors have expressed support for Texas to continue the standoff between the state and the federal government.

They report that "It is a cartel army. You know, the founding fathers never dreamed we'd have a president like this who would just open the door to everybody. Well, we are facing an army that is well-armed and well-coordinated."

The scene in the USA smells of "gunpowder" and the fierce confrontation between the two sides has taken on serious dimensions, while Trump's popularity has skyrocketed.

The problem is the country's large debt, and the White House's far-fetched agenda on a range of issues that have angered US conservatives.

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