Apache εκτοξεύει Spike NLOS
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We made the right decision - The Pentagon integrated SPIKE NLOS anti-tanks into its Apache helicopter fleet

According to an article on a well-known defence website, Lockheed Martin in cooperation with the US Army has achieved a major achievement by successfully firing eight Spike NLOS missiles from an Echo Model V6 Apache attack helicopter at the Yuma range in Arizona.


We made the Right Purchase

This real-time firing confirmed that Israeli-made Spike NLOS anti-tank guided missiles (specifically, the Americans tested the Spike NLOS LRPM DR version) are compatible with the American Apache platform, which means that their integration into the Pentagon's current Apache V6 versions can begin.


At the same time and given the fact that the Greek army will acquire Spike NLOS systems from Israel, the new US decision demonstrates that this anti-tank missile is the best of its kind, which is why Washington chose it for its attack helicopters. We should mention, however, that the Greek army was interested in ground-based Spike NLOS launch systems, but this still means that we will get a powerful weapon system against armoured and unarmoured targets.

Tom Bargnesi, program manager in the Missile and Fire Control division of the US defense company Lockheed Martin, highlighted the US military's readiness to start integrating Spike NLOS missiles into the US Apache AH-64E fleet, adding that this would give the attack helicopters significant high-precision defensive capabilities.

"This successful demonstration of the Spike NLOS missile demonstrates that the system is ready to be integrated into the current US Army Apache fleet and provide an unprecedented defensive capability where precision matters," the American said, adding that "the Spike NLOS missile enables the delivery of 21st century threat solutions to our military for complex threat environments."


The test firing of the Israeli missile from the US attack helicopter demonstrated the weapon's ability to perform exceptionally well in various hypothetical mission scenarios, confirming its high effectiveness and versatility. The demonstration also marked the final phase of the programme, with the US military now all set to begin equipping its helicopters with Israeli Spike NLOS anti-tank missiles.

Within 2024 Lockheed Martin will again work with the US military to train Apache pilots in the use of the new weapon system. The Pentagon hopes by September 2024 to have all 18 Apache Echo Model V6s equipped with Spike NLOS LRPM DR LRPM missiles.

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