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The aircraft carrier USS George H.W Bush will not reach any Turkish port by Erdogan's order

The huge and intense underground background that existed for days due to the presence of the American aircraft carrier USS George H.W.Bush near Turkey, brought an important statement from the Turkish Foreign Ministry, following of course the order of Turkish President R.N.Erdogan, which added one more episode in the relations of the two sides.


Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said that "his government will not allow the US aircraft carrier USS George H.W.Bush in the Mediterranean Sea to enter Turkish territorial waters for the purpose of aid against earthquake victims, supporting the anti-American campaign recently launched by neo-nationalist allies of Erdogan".

This is what the Turkish exiled journalist A. Bozkurt posted on his website, confirming our articles about tension between the two sides.

The Justice and Development Party succumbed to the "inarticulate cries" of the nationalists in the country, and through Cavusoglu puts a stop to any presence of the American aircraft carrier in a Turkish port.

Unfortunately in Turkey, some Officials, advisers and many others have indulged in a peculiar witch hunt, considering not only the US aircraft carrier, but also some foreign rescue missions as potential "spies".

The situation in neighboring Turkey is at a terrible critical point, and in Greek-Turkish, since despite the applause of the Turkish people to the heroic Greek rescuers, the Justice and Development Party has probably become even more dangerous looking for opportunities to win points in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean.

The anger of thousands of Turkish citizens in areas traditionally won by the Justice and Development Party, by large margins, have alarmed the staff of the Turkish president, and despite the huge problems they may be looking for a refuge somewhere else, making their moves extremely dangerous.

On the other hand, the amphibious assault ship Juan Carlos I belonging to the Spanish Navy and the Italian amphibious landing ship, sailed to the port of Alexandretta with auxiliary personnel and materials”.

In short, the Turks "politely" deny the USS George HW Bush's mooring in Turkey, while they do not do the same with Italian and Spanish warships.

The ship of the Italian Navy San Marco (L9893) left this morning from the port of Brindisi in the direction of Alexandretta, to help those affected by the earthquake. On board there are Army vehicles and personnel specialized in logistical handling.

The entire system of the Erdoğan regime trembles at the presence of the American aircraft carrier in the Eastern Mediterranean, considering it as "dangerous", which of course is not the case.

This concern was the feeling by many Turkish Islamists in the Justice and Development Party, showing their true intentions to the American military presence in Turkey.

The US has not officially reacted and may not even do anything because of the earthquake and tragedy in Turkey.


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