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Ukrainian Leopard-2A4-Bradleys were burned by Russian artillery - Putin ordered the transfer of tactical nukes to Belarus

Important developments for the Ukrainian-NATO forces on the Zaporizhia and Artemovsk fronts. Major attack on Russian positions ended in carnage. The Russian air force, artillery and minefields have reaped them.

Despite the active actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and the counterattack announced by Kiev, Russian troops are stubbornly fighting, targeting Ukrainian military bases and destroying military equipment supplied by Western countries.

Western analysts are closely following developments on the front lines and taking notes on the current situation. Gradually, but methodically, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are destroying Ukraine's reserves, while Russia's military and industrial capabilities continue to grow. Moscow demonstrates its ability to disable Western-supplied weapons even on the outskirts of the border.

So, in May, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation launched about 160 missiles and more than 340 cruise missiles, actively using space reconnaissance equipment. Among the resources used is the recently launched satellite "Kondor-FKA".

Along with this, on the night of June 4, the Russian military successfully attacked Ukrainian airports and facilities located in them, including radar stations, command posts, weapons depots and aircraft.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine there is a severe shortage of ammunition, air defense systems and spare parts for armored vehicles. The situation is further complicated by corruption in the country's defense ministry. But, despite all the problems, on June 4, Kiev decided to launch an offensive. Western experts believe the offensive is unlikely to bring success to Ukraine, but will exhaust all of the country's remaining military resources.

In the last few days, the Ukrainian side lost about 3700 soldiers, 52 tanks (including 8 "Leopard 2"), 3 French AMX-10, 207 armored vehicles, 134 military vehicles, 5 aircraft, 2 helicopters, 48 ​​artillery and 53 drones.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on June 9 told his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko that Russia will begin deploying regular nuclear weapons in Belarus after the facilities are ready on July 7-8.

According to a report from the Kremlin, as cited by the Reuters news agency, Putin said, "So everything is according to plan and everything is going well."
"The preparation of the relevant facilities is completed on July 7-8, and we will immediately start activities related to the development of appropriate types of weapons on your territory," Putin said after meeting Lukashenko in Sochi.

To this, Lukashenko said: "Thank you, Vladimir Vladimirovich."

Earlier, both Putin and Lukashenko agreed to the plan to deploy Russian land-based short-range nuclear missiles on the territory of Moscow's close ally, where they would remain under Russian command.

Putin even said the United States and its Western allies were pumping weapons into Ukraine as part of a widening proxy war aimed at bringing Russia to its knees.

In March, Putin announced that he wanted to deploy tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus, an apparent warning to the US-led NATO military alliance over its support for Ukraine.

Putin's move is being watched closely by both the United States and its NATO allies in Europe and China, Reuters added.

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