RS-24 Yars
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The "Apocalypse" is coming: Moscow begins mass production of a new version of its nuclear "Armageddon"! (Pictures)

Russia is expected to begin production of a new version of its Yars-M intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), the final stage of which incorporates much more agile independent warheads, according to reports. The changes are expected to make the weapon even more difficult for the enemy to intercept, as well as improving its accuracy and overall capabilities.

Although warheads of this type have been tested by Russia in the past, the latest reports suggest that the country will begin mass production of these missiles, which will initially be adopted on road-based launchers.

The news about the development of the Russian intercontinental ballistic missile was published on the official page of the state, according to and on its Telegram channel. Preparations are now underway at various Russian factories to begin production of the new missiles.

The government website states that the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology (MIT) is preparing to start production of a mobile version of the new Yars-M intercontinental ballistic missile, MilitaryRussia reported. More specifically, MIT will produce the 15Zh80 solid-fuel missile, which differs from previous Yars and other Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles in the use of its independent vehicle (IPBV).

MIRV κατά την επανείσοδό τους στην ατμόσφαιρα

In terms of warhead deployment, we've reported in the past that ICBMs carry multiple independent re-entry vehicles, known as MIRVs, each of which can hit a different target.

MIRVs are re-entry vehicles, which detach from the missile outside the atmosphere and move independently to different targets.

Normally, the final stage of the rocket holds all the MIRV vehicles and finally detaches from the rest of the rocket. The final stage can maneuver independently once it leaves the earth's atmosphere, releasing each warhead (as well as the decoys it carries) to strike various targets. Each of the warheads can hit different targets, but it is required that these targets are not too far apart.

Last year, Russian state media provided the first images of the silo-launched R-36M2 intercontinental ballistic missile, known in the West as the SS-18 Mod 5 Satan. This weaponry includes MIRV vehicles and one of the heaviest payloads of any intercontinental ballistic missile developed and adopted in history.



RS-24 Yars
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