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Friendship attack due to elections-Russians mark Greece again due to the shipment of a new batch of BMP-1 and ammunition

Moscow is carrying out a friendly attack in Greece through its embassy and the media, after the announcement of sending a batch of TOMA and ammunition.

On the occasion of the elections in our country, the Russian factor is trying to influence situations, but also public opinion in favor of Moscow's interests.

The purpose is to stop sending aid to the Ukrainians, who, according to information, are not yet ready for the much-publicized attack against Russian forces in Bakhmut and other areas.

Yesterday we had an intervention through ITAR TASS, in which it was emphasized that "the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not request advice from the Russian Embassy in Athens or from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, regarding aid to the Greek minority living in Donbas".

This was announced by the Russian ambassador to Greece, Andrei Maslov, referring to the thousands of Greeks living there.

Today, another Russian news agency highlights that Greece, through the Ministry of Defense, announced its readiness to transfer another batch of BMP-1 to Ukraine. In addition to military vehicles, Greece is ready to provide Ukraine with 155 mm shells and ammunition. In addition, Athens announced the possibility of assisting in the training of Leopard tank crews, while also expressing a desire to assist in the treatment of the wounded." This is the well-known announcement of the Pentagon, after the visit of the Ukrainian Minister of Defense to Greece.

Announcement of the Secretary of the Hellenic-Russian Union to Russian media

In the same article, the statements of the Secretary General of the Hellenic-Russian Union, and President of the Society of Friends of Crimea in Greece, Mr. Pavlos Christou, to Russian media

"Greece should not cut ties with Russia, should not support anti-Russian sanctions." This was stated by the retired Lieutenant General of the Hellenic Air Force, and Secretary General of the Greek-Russian Union, Mr. Pavlos Christou. He recalled that "Greece and the Soviet Union fought Nazism together.

“Russia and Greece have the largest losses in WWII relative to population size. We are Orthodox. We are people who have close ties. Both in Russia and in Greece there are large communities of compatriots," he told the Russian news agency RIA Novosti. He drew attention to the fact that the situation has changed, as the Greek authorities decided to be on the "right side" of history, which turned out to be wrong.

Christou is co-chairman of the extra-parliamentary party Embros (Embros), which is contesting elections as part of the Alliance for Change coalition. This coalition supports lifting sanctions against Russia, as well as cutting off arms supplies to Kiev and restoring ties with Russia.

"In parliament, public discourse has a different dimension and a different weight. And we will be able to discuss all these problems, both Greek-Turkish relations and international problems. Greece cannot cut ties with Russia. There should not be such a foreign policy", stressed Mr. Christou, who reminded that Turkey has illegally occupied part of Cyprus and threatens Greece, but Greece has channels of communication with Turkey.

"Why don't we have channels of communication with Russia, which has done us no harm?" the politician pointed out, adding that it is happening in Crimea and he always met with the Greeks, who have the full rights of Russian citizens.

As REGNUM reported, Mr. Christou said that Kiev made a very big mistake by moving the hostilities to the cities, and this is a crime against the people of Ukraine.

The officer stressed that the President of Ukraine and the country's leadership are committing a crime against their own people with thousands of victims among the civilian population.

Christou also said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not be able to carry out a counterattack due to the fact that they do not have the necessary capabilities for this. He believes that the United States is providing military assistance to Kiev, but not enough to win."

Russian ambassador to Greece Andrey Maslov stated that the future of Ukraine and its citizens is not in the sphere of interests of its allies. He stressed that the aid to Ukraine from the United States of America and the countries of the European Union is not uninvolved."

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