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Rapid developments! The Russian Bear along with the Chinese Dragon conspire against the entire west

Developments are now running at a tremendous speed in Ukraine, behind which the entire West and NATO are rallying, and this does not go unnoticed by Beijing, which, according to Chinese media, knows that its turn with Taiwan is coming.

This whole scenario is driving Russia and China even closer, even more dynamically, to a preparation for an all-out attack on the West, especially after the US warned the Chinese not to give defense aid to Moscow.

"Moscow and Beijing are ready to protect each other's interests," S. Lavrov said.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the head of the office of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the CPC Central Committee, member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of China Wang Yi met with a specific agenda.



"Our relations are developing steadily and dynamically, and despite the high turbulence on the world stage, we demonstrate solidarity and readiness to defend each other's interests based on respect for international law and the central role of the UN," Lavrov said.

His Chinese counterpart, in turn, noted that the high dynamic of interaction is maintained by the efforts of the Chinese president and the Russian president.

"Despite the volatility of the international situation, China and Russia always maintain strategic determination, move steadily and confidently in accordance with the formation of a multipolar world, and remain committed to multipolarity," the spokesperson of the People's Republic of China added.

Beijing, as noted by the diplomat, expects new agreements from today's meeting.

Wang Yi also assured his Russian counterpart that he will continue to work to deepen relations in any position.

What are the Chinese and Russians preparing against the West?

The Chinese and the Russians are not talking much, but it is now clear that they are preparing some kind of surprise in the West.

This would be in an advanced scenario, even the presence of a Chinese military unit, near the border of Russia and Ukraine.

Sources in Russia have long reported that Chinese military personnel, advisers and "journalists" are closely covering the war in Donbass to draw their own conclusions about Western weaponry, tactics and movements on the battlefield.

We don't know if this "partnership" has already taken flesh and bones on the battlefield, but from here on out we would be completely unfazed.

China has a "thorn" called Taiwan, which has been a big issue for 70 years. Beijing after the Russian invasion may be considering doing the same to the Russians in a move to catch the US off guard.

The world is at a very dangerous turning point, in which some countries are demanding that zones of influence be redistributed, as was done in 1945.


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