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Kurdish channel about Northern Iraq: Our rebels snatched the weapons of Turkish soldiers and killed 37 including a captain

The Kurdish channel Gerîla TV published footage of a recent military operation called Martyr Nature Viyan that took place in Northern Iraq in the Zap region,
on February 17 at 12:50 p.m.

The footage shows Kurdish rebels hacking into wired networks and destroying cellphone cameras.




The Kurds take up their positions one by one, shouting the slogan "Freedom for Apo (Ocalan)".

They themselves, the article says, grabbed the weapons and military equipment of the Turkish soldiers and used them against them.

The Kurdish rebels, who occupied the entire Turkish army base, and shouted: "This is Murat Karagilan's instruction: You will die, soldier! Either you die or leave!"

They then occupied the base where Turkish soldiers were stationed and set it on fire.

The HPG's Press Communication Center said in a statement that "37 soldiers, including a captain, were killed, many weapons and military equipment were seized and the rest were destroyed."

The Kurds have dug many mountains in northern Iraq with dozens of tunnels, turning them into real bunkers, often surprising Turkish forces deployed for special operations as Ankara occasionally announces.

The Turkish army is stubbornly trying to occupy many positions in the area, using fighter jets and attack helicopters.

In response, the Kurdish rebels have launched night and day raiding operations with successful results.

Since much is being written in general on this subject all these days about the Turkish offensive in Northern Iraq, it is good to point out that clearly the Kurdish forces have their own losses in terms of insurgents, in numbers that cannot be confirmed, either by one side or the other.

But the Kurds at least show videos of Turkish soldiers being eliminated, whose deaths are then "minimized" by Turkish propaganda.

Also, the recent massive use of Turkish drones and aircraft demonstrates the strong possibility that the Turks have lost several of their soldiers and are facing particularly stiff resistance on the ground.

Entire Turkish groups are being disbanded , as they cannot cope with night-time Kurdish infiltrations, coupled with ambushes and automatic weapons fire at predetermined points by Kurdish commandos.

There are also reports that many Turkish soldiers on the front lines of the war have refused to carry out orders from their superiors.

These are findings that are very close to reality, and we should not forget that the Kurds justify ( in a way) the human losses due to the idea of "Kurdistan", while the Turkish regime finds it difficult to explain its own losses of soldiers outside the Turkish borders to its own people.

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