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Chaos in Iraq: Drone hit gas facilities causing terror

A drone carrying explosives hit facilities at the Hor Mor gas field in the Suleymaniya region of Iraqi Kurdistan yesterday (Thursday), Reuters news agency reported, citing two officials who said there were no injuries, only limited damage.


Pearl Petroleum, a joint venture between Dana Gas and Crescent Petroleum, based in the United Arab Emirates, has the rights to exploit the Chor Mor and Chemchemal fields, which are among the largest in Iraq.

Earlier yesterday, a drone carrying explosives targeting US forces was shot down at a base near the airport in Arbil, the counter-terrorism service of Iraqi Kurdistan, an autonomous region of northern Iraq, said.

Since the start of the war between Israel and Palestinian Hamas last October, there have been almost daily rocket and drone attacks on bases in Iraq where US forces and those of other nations involved in the military coalition fighting jihadists are stationed.

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