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Hezbollah-Polisario-Houthi and Iran threaten the Mediterranean - British military officer: terrorists can also close Gibraltar

A possible plan of cooperation between three terrorist organizations, which have armed militias, with the high supervision of Iran (which has ballistic missiles) is revealed by a British military expert.

We are talking about the unholy Houthi-Polisario ( Morocco) alliance which will be complemented by the well-known Hezbollah.
The target is Suez and Gibraltar, we are talking about the strategic entry and exit points for thousands of ships every week, and a blow would strike a blow to the Western system of power and trade, causing terrible consequences.

British military: terrorists can close Gibraltar too

"Iran may seek to mask the threat to close the Strait of Gibraltar if the UK retaliates against the Houthi rebel force for drone and missile attacks on ships in the Red Sea," the military expert warned.

Major General (retired) Chip Chapman is no accidental officer, as he was formerly the head of counter-terrorism at the Ministry of Defence.

Chapman reported: "One of the things that could happen...if you take the Houthis as one of Iran's proxy forces, is that they could close the Strait of Gibraltar.

You may say they don't have the capacity to do that, but they also have a friendly force in Morocco called the Polisario Front, so although it may seem unlikely, it doesn't mean it won't happen," he said.

In a conversation with British presenter Jacob Rees-Mogg, he said: "I think we're getting to the stage where, one of the guys I was working with was the former Centcom commander, General Frank Mancesi, at a time when we as Britain have a position in Operation Prosperity Guardian.

"What we will most likely do in the future is aggressive actions; that is, we will take aggressive action against the Houthis, with the aim of destroying their cruise missiles and their radar sites, to try to deter them further.

There is always a risk if you go on a prolonged campaign, because we have since 2015 Operation Decisive Storm in cooperation with Saudi Arabia and the UAE in Yemen, which is neither decisive nor a storm," he added: "In essence, what the Houthis have been saying is part of the theatre of war against the Israelis is true. From their perspective and from the Iranian perspective, this is a unity of fronts and an axis around the Israelis," he concluded.

Hezbollah and the plans for chaos in the Middle East and the Mediterranean

U.S. officials assess that there is a growing risk that Lebanese Hezbollah fighters will strike Americans in the Middle East - and possibly strike within the United States, four officials familiar with the intelligence agencies told POLITICO.

The Iranian-backed armed group would likely target U.S. personnel in the Middle East first, officials said.

U.S. intelligence agencies are collecting data on Hezbollah that suggests it could be considering attacks on both U.S. troops and diplomatic personnel abroad, two of the officials said.

We're talking about a terrorist axis that may set the Middle East and the Mediterranean on fire just to attack the U.S.-Israel.
This is of course a nightmare scenario, which could blow up the economies of the countries in the region, and if it threatens Greece as well.

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