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Turkey-Israel intelligence war in progress - Erdogan's extreme hostile attitude towards Tel Aviv is a "big mistake"

Developments in Turkey are rapid and rapid, with the arrests of people accused of conducting espionage and planning kidnappings in the country on behalf of Israel.

Already 34 people are being held by the Turkish authorities and are being questioned, while another 12 people are being sought who have so far escaped arrest. 

34 people arrested in Turkey on charges of spying for Israel - PENTAPOSTAGON Confirmation

The above events come to fully confirm PENTAPOSTAGMA , which on December 24, 2023 in an article entitled "Turkey-Israel intelligence war! MIT created special anti-Mossad unit - US-NATO stance", pointed out that the Turkish intelligence agency MIT has established a specialized anti-Mossad unit within the agency, which includes veteran officers, with the aim of suppressing Israeli "operations".

The death at the end of Hamas' deputy political leader in Lebanon, Saleh al-Arouri, in an explosion in Beirut on Tuesday was attributed for the above reasons to Israel by the Iranian-backed Lebanese armed group Hezbollah.

The statements by Erdogan and the Altoun Communications Director

In response to the arrest of 34 people suspected of spying for Mossad, Turkey's Director of Communications Fahrettin Altun reiterated President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's warning to Israel of a "heavy price" if it engages in espionage activities inside Turkey. 

Erdogan's warning came last month after Ronen Barr, head of Israel's internal security agency Shin Bet, said Israel had put in place plans to carry out assassinations targeting Hamas members residing outside Palestinian territories.

"If they dare to take such a step against Turkey and the Turkish people, they will be condemned to pay a price from which they will not be able to recover," Erdogan said of these alleged plans.

Following the recent arrests in Istanbul on Tuesday, the Altun Communications Director reposted Erdogan's statements from last month on X, reiterating his warning against Israeli authorities from attempting such activities in Turkey.

"It seems that they are not familiar with Turkey, ignoring the Turkish people and us. Making such a mistake means that they will suffer extremely serious costs. If they dare to take such a step in Turkey, the consequences will be so profound that" They will not be able to stand their ground again," Erdogan told reporters on Dec. 6.

"Those who initiate such actions should remember that the consequences can be extremely serious. Turkey's developments in both intelligence and security are widely recognized worldwide. Moreover, we are not a recently created state This is a fact that should not be ignored by anyone. " he said.

The operational aspect and the "cover" of the suspects

Tuesday's arrests followed an investigation by the Istanbul Prosecutor's Office's Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Bureau, focusing on international espionage.

The suspects were allegedly involved in activities such as reconnaissance, surveillance, assault and kidnapping on behalf of Mossad.

Simultaneous raids on 57 addresses in eight provinces resulted in the arrest of the suspects, while investigations of the remaining 12 suspects are ongoing.

A counter-terrorism operation, jointly organized by the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) and the Istanbul Police, resulted in the arrest of the suspects. 

Posing as employees of an Istanbul-based consulting firm, the suspects provided information about Palestinians living in Turkey in Mossad in exchange for money.

The Turkey-Israel Intelligence War is underway

So far there has been no official statement from Israel regarding the arrests being made in Turkey, but they do indicate that a war between the MIT and Mossad is underway, which is unprecedented for the two countries, which have previously developed very close cooperative relations.

Our assessment is that Erdogan's rivalry-hostility with Israel is a big mistake, since it has been historically established that those leaders of countries in the region who have had it out with Tel Aviv have not had good luck.



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