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Eighteen Turkish soldiers were killed by the PKK Kurds in Northern Iraq and the Turks are preparing a major offensive

Footage from the Kurdish news agency ANF shows the equipment of Turkish soldiers killed in Operation Şehîd Leyla Sorxwîn Amed in Kurdish rebel areas.

The Turkish army has so far kept the number and names of the dead soldiers secret.
While Kurdish rebels carry out daily sniper operations, sabotage operations and heavy weapons attacks against Turks in small units, and dozens of Kurdish operations have taken place in recent weeks, Turkey has maintained silence.

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Kurdish rebel units have acted in coordination against a target, killing several Turkish soldiers in northern Syria.

The Turkish army has suffered heavy losses in these operations, Kurdish sources say.
One of these operations was the Şehîd Leyla Sorxwîn Amed operation conducted on November 26 in the Metina area in northern Iraq controlled by Kurdish rebels in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The Turkish army positions in the Girê Çarçel area came under a surprise attack by five Kurdish units. 18 Turkish soldiers were killed and large quantities of military equipment were seized.
The Turkish army did its best to hide its heavy losses.

Neither the numbers nor the identities of the Turkish soldiers killed were published.

In early December, Gerîla TV published footage of the preparation and execution of the operation, as well as the seized equipment.

The video also shows the deaths of Turkish soldiers.

Footage obtained by the ANF news agency shows the equipment seized by the rebels, including backpacks with the names of the slain soldiers.

While in the past Ankara sent mostly conscripts, making it almost impossible to conceal the deaths in the long term, today it sends mostly professional soldiers and mercenaries deployed to the region to take part in the war against the Kurdish rebels.

The families of professional soldiers are obliged to maintain silence in the event of the death of their members.

In this way, the Turkish state is trying to keep its heavy losses secret and prevent combat fatigue, the same sources stress.

A short while ago, Turkish diplomatic sources said that "the Iraqi side wants to eliminate the PKK terrorist organization, which challenges their sovereignty, from their territory. "We are ready to provide all kinds of assistance to Iraq in the fight against terrorist organizations."

This translates into new air strikes and a Turkish military operation against the Kurds, whom Ankara is taking out on, depending on its failures on other fronts.

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