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Ankara fears after the shooting down of a Turkish ANKA-S drone in Syria that we might see the shooting down of a Turkish F-16 fighter by the American armada

The US, along with the aircraft carriers USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and USS Gerald R. Ford, is sending a fleet carrying some 180 modern warplanes and thousands of missiles to the Mediterranean, causing turmoil for the Erdogan regime.

The entire region is on the verge of historic geopolitical upheavals as very important decisions have been taken by R.T. Erdogan after sending a huge American armada of two aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, nuclear-powered submarines with Tomahawk missiles.

A major Turkish newspaper, controlled by the Erdogan regime, calls for the closure of the NATO bases in Incirlik-Kiurechik.

"The Inchirlik air base was opened in 1954 and the long-range radar in Kyuretsil was opened in 2012. Erdogan has stated: "We will close them if necessary", but both are still active," Turkish newspaper sozcu.com.tr reported.

Turkish expert says: "The tension between Israel and Palestine has brought the issue of the Inchirlik and Qureshik bases used by the US into the discussion in our country.

Inchirlik Air Base in Adana was commissioned in 1954 and is used by the US and Turkish Air Forces. It is one of only 6 NATO bases in Europe that regularly has nuclear weapons and 2,500 US troops are based there. Soldiers from some NATO members, from Germany and the Netherlands, also serve. Germany has more than 200 soldiers.

The long-range radar base at Kurechik is billed as "the most important element of NATO's missile defense system," and is located in the Malatya region.

Command and control of the facility, which was commissioned by the US in 2012, is carried out by NATO from its Ramstein base in Germany.

According to the experts, Kurechik controls from the Caucasus and Russia to Iran, and about 50 US troops are based there.

President Erdogan said: "We will close them if necessary, both Incirlik and Kyuretsik, however, so far no attempt has been made to close either base."

Anti-Americanism in Turkey is at an all-time high after Israel's air attacks on Gaza, and the presence of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and USS Gerald R. Ford, with 180 modern warplanes and thousands of missiles in the Mediterranean.

The Turks are not so much afraid with Gaza and Iran, as with the prospect of such a US military presence in the Eastern Mediterranean region, because they themselves were ready to possibly act in Cyprus, with violations of the Cypriot EEZ.

There is also another intrinsic fear of possible US action in Syria, where they themselves have taken the right to bomb Kurds on their own, without answering to anyone.

In other words, they fear that after the shooting down of the Turkish ANKA-S drone, we might see the shooting down of a Turkish fighter jet over Northern Syria.The war in Israel is moving tectonic plates that are connected to each other and the crisis will probably spread to the Aegean and the Black Sea.

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