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Erdogan sends aid to Haftar because of terrible floods and we in Athens didn't notice

The Erdoğan regime is doing everything to take the Libyan Marshal (who, despite Turkish help, does not change his mind about the Neo-Ottoman Turks) with him.

On the occasion of the terrible cyclone, named Daniel, which hit eastern Libya on 10 September 2023, causing heavy rainfall, strong winds and storms and 2000 deaths, Turkey is sending one A-400 after another.

The city of Derna was hit hardest, with two dams collapsing and releasing over 33 million cubic meters of water causing catastrophic flooding.

The images coming out of Libya are dramatic. Roads have turned into rivers of water and mud, houses have been destroyed and villages have been isolated.

The Libyan Government has declared a state of emergency in the eastern region of the country.

Rescue teams have been sent to help people stranded by the floods.

Turkey mobilised immediately, sending one Airbus A400M after another, with the first one landing in Benghazi overnight (and now returning to Turkey) while a second A400M (reg. 14-0028) is in the air at the moment en route to the capital of Cyrenaica.

An additional Turkish Lockheed C-130H (reg. 73-0991) is en route to Libya to deliver aid, while Egypt has also mobilised on hearing of 3000 dead and 10000 missing Libyan civilians in Derna and other areas. 

It is true that our country is suffering in Thessaly and the help needed there is very great for those affected.

But we could send an aircraft with bottled water and medicine to Benghazi, in a symbolic gesture that counts on all levels for the Libyans of Marshal Haftar, at a time when his recent minister asked Greece to connect Crete with Benghazi by sea.

We are talking about the ports of Benghazi, Derna and Tobruk, where Turks and Libyan philoturks of Tripoli have carved out the notorious but illegal Turcolibian memorandum

The Haftar government also proposes the creation of a cultural center of the two countries to connect the two peoples that have existed since ancient times.

The Turks, as we can see, do not let anything go down and give everything to appear "friendly" in order to later impose their influence on the Eastern side of the country.

The importance of Eastern Libya for Greece is the fact that the illegal Turkish-Libyan memorandum "touches" there, and without it Ankara has literally made a hole in the water.

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