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The "Ataturk" dam is in serious danger due to aftershocks - The first disapprovals of Turkish citizens to an Erdogan official (Video)

Shocking images in Adıyaman. Citizens who lost their relatives in the earthquake reacted to the governor because help did not come. While it appeared that security measures were taken according to the governor, the earthquake victims reacted harshly to Governor Mahmut Çuhadar for help which ultimately came from nowhere.

The dams in the sights of Enceladus

In addition to all the other huge problems that hit Turkey in the region where 12 million citizens live, there was added that of the durability of the country's Dams.

President of the Turkish Chamber of Electrical Engineers Mahir Ulutaş, stating that there was no power supply problem in the earthquake area, drew attention to the dams.

All dams should be checked

The 7.8 Richter earthquake that occurred in Pazarcık, Germany (Kahramanmaraş) and affected several cities brought dams to the agenda. Speaking to Turkish newspaper SÖZCÜ, the President of the country's chamber, Mahir Ulutaş, said that he had not received any information about the problem of electricity supply in the area.

"There is no power supply problem in the area at the moment. Natural gas cuts are taking place. There is a serious problem with the heating.

In earthquake zones, controlled power outages occur from time to time. This is normal for preventing damage. But the dams must be checked. The seismic zone is the area where major barriers to energy supply are located.

No problem has worried us so far, but seismic testing should be done on all dams. The area affected by the earthquake is an area rich in water. Atatürk Dam is located in this area.

There are many small power plants, especially in Adana and Antioch. Not only hydroelectric plants, but also other drinking and irrigation dams should be checked," he said.

We remind you of our article from 2017, in which, based on Turkish sources, it was mentioned that according to studies, a potential earthquake with an intensity of more than 6 Richter would cause the dam to collapse and cause huge consequences in Turkey and Syria.

The 2017 earthquakes in Turkey had caused cracks in the country's largest dam, and there was since then a high risk of another major earthquake collapsing, flooding vast areas and settlements. So far nothing like that happened yesterday with the magnitude 7.8 earthquake, but... there is always the but, about the hundreds of aftershocks that will continue for at least 6 months.


We remind you that there are 80 million cubic meters of water inside the Ataturk Dam. As long as this water "escapes" Armageddon will receive flesh and bones from where this water passes. As the Atatürk Dam is one of the largest in the world, the amount of water accumulated in the hydrological basin is very large.

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