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The creation of "Nuclear Shield" of France-Great Britain is being prepared -The "Russian Armageddon" at the gates of Europe

The bad progress of the war in Ukraine, Putin's obsession with its total occupation, combined with many threats from very high-ranking officials of the Kremlin, first and foremost Vice President Medvedev, to use nuclear weapons, have strongly alarmed the governments of European states that are rushing to shield the defense their.


Russian terror is spreading across Europe

The Russian terror has spread to Germany-Eastern Europe, as they "see" a new Russian attack between 3-10 years, with the first target being the Baltic countries, which have Russian minorities, such as Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

In particular, the Poles see a Russian attack in Eastern Europe after three (3) years from the end of the war in Ukraine, while the Germans see the Russian attack occurring in a 5-10 year horizon, in order to reorganize and properly prepare the war machine of Putin.

Following the above, European countries are primarily shielding their anti-aircraft defense either with existing anti-aircraft systems or with new ones they are testing, in order to be able to intercept Russian missiles and drones.


Urge UK-France to form "nuclear shield" against Russia

However, according to International Media, "The UK and France are being urged to form a 'nuclear shield' across Europe against fears of a Putin attack", noting the following:

German Finance Minister Christian Linder called on the UK and France to form a "nuclear shield" against Russia.

Linder made the proposal after Donald Trump said he would let Russia "do whatever the hell it wants" to NATO members if they didn't spend 2 percent of their GDP on defense.

The finance minister wrote: “Under what political and economic conditions would Paris and London be prepared to maintain or expand their own strategic capabilities for collective security?

"When it comes to peace and freedom in Europe, we must not shy away from these difficult questions."

Trump's statements caused intense concern in the EU

President Joe Biden called Trump's remarks "dangerous" and "un-American," considering the former president's comments fueled doubts among U.S. partners about his future credibility on the world stage.

Chancellor Iof Scholz and other top security officials believe there is no alternative to NATO's nuclear umbrella.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said: "I welcome the fact that European allies are investing more in defense and NATO has been asking for this for many years," adding:

"But this is not an alternative to NATO. This is actually a way to strengthen NATO. And we must not go down any path that shows that we are trying to separate Europe from North America. NATO has as its instrument the nuclear deterrent and this has worked for decades. We must do nothing to undermine this. This will create more uncertainty and more room for miscalculations and misunderstandings."

NATO's nuclear deterrent relies in part on US warheads deployed in Europe using local infrastructure.

The alliance conducts a major nuclear exercise every year to ensure its readiness and act as a deterrent to any would-be aggressor, especially Russia."


The future of Europe is ominous

Our assessment is that without American support, Europe will not be able to mount an effective defense with conventional weapons against Russia, since the Euroarmy has been left behind after the invasion of Putin's troops in Ukraine, which notably "resurrected" NATO, the but which without the support of the American Superpower will be weak.

In the event that Trump is elected in the US elections in November 2024, this in our view will result in a worsening of the situation for European defense against Russia, while lurking in the Pacific is a possible Chinese military invasion of Taiwan - by 2027 - as well as a military showdown on the Korean peninsula by the unpredictable Kim Yong-un, where the US will focus.

Consequently, strengthening the cooperation of the two European Nuclear Powers, France-UK, is more than imperative.



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