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The UN office building in Senegal that looks like a huge number 666 raises thousands of questions and objections

Since 2019, in Senegal, the UN international agency has begun building another grand new building for its 34 local units and 2,400 employees.

The cost of the project was 290 million, which is a huge amount for this structure, since, for example, the construction of the Pentagon cost Americans 1.3 billion US dollars at today's exchange rates.

The Pentagon turned out to be 4 times more expensive, but it can accommodate 25,000 employees and the UN headquarters in Senegal has 2,500.

At the same time, the Pentagon is a military building, with special halls, a nuclear reactor and many expensive systems.

The shape of the UN building resembles the Confucian 666

Over time, photos of the huge new building appeared on the Internet, which raised even more questions.

The whole structure appears to be a huge number that resembles the well-known number 666, clearly raising questions and many objections.

What exactly will take place in this International Organization building in Senegal is not known.

The bottom line is that the whole construction immediately gave fodder to conspiracy theorists, as this building does not resemble any regional UN project, but brings in the number 666, which is a universal number.
Theories have followed one after another, and one of them mentions the possible relocation of the UN from New York, which of course has not been mentioned by officials of the organization.

According to the Senegalese media, on 23 November, technicians completed construction at an accelerated pace, UN officials cut the ribbon and manned their offices in the huge structure.

One thing is for sure, this building of this shape in Senegal has raised many objections worldwide , so we will be watching the developments.

Senegal participates in many international organizations and was a member of the UN Security Council in 1988-89 and 2015-2016. It was elected to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights in 1997.

The country is also ready to work on supplying the European market with liquefied natural gas (LNG). German Chancellor Scholz has previously stressed that he wants to cooperate with Senegal in both the LNG and renewable energy sectors.

Senegal, which maintains close ties with Western countries, surprised on March 2 when it abstained from voting in the UN General Assembly to approve a resolution demanding that Russia "immediately cease its resort to force" against Ukraine.

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