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Soon in Europe and Greece - In Britain the government passed a law for bank control of those receiving state pensions

Last week the British government secretly tabled an amendment giving it the right to check the bank accounts of any citizen claiming a state pension at will, without reason and at any time.

Many believe that full control of citizens has already begun after the introduction of the digital identity card and e-currency, which will make citizens at the mercy of the government of the day.

British ministers last week rushed an amendment through the Commons allowing it to examine the bank account of anyone claiming a state pension.

Their only reason was that it might be useful one day.

The only change that might make it useful would be the state pension means test.
Citizens in Britain and Europe are surely wondering from the passage of similar laws, which have been passed in bits and pieces for some time without their full knowledge of what they will be used for.


The electronic financial record of every citizen

It is widely known that banks in particular have thousands of data on every citizen, especially in Greece after the passing of a law prohibiting the use of cash for purchases over 500 euros, in order to combat tax evasion.

This cluster of laws passed in unrelated bills relate to special instructions from the IMF and the EU and concern the financial control of citizens.    

The main system that will assist governments in this project will be artificial intelligence.

A state's authorities could develop AI-based biometrics that could identify and categorise citizens based on their sensitive characteristics, such as gender, ethnicity, race, religion, but also their political preferences, as well as emotion recognition and political prevention systems.

This was discussed in the EU, and an amendment was decided on and put to the vote, which covers thousands of pages.
The EU law, is about product safety regulation, which imposes a tiered set of rules that companies must follow before offering their services to consumers anywhere in the single market in the union.

It involves a pyramid-like structure, as it divides AI products into four main categories, depending on the potential risk they pose to the safety of citizens and their fundamental rights: minimal, limited, high and unacceptable.  

All of this, combined with water privatisation, digital IDs, meter control, and the digitisation of data for every citizen, leads mathematically to a world that Orwell predicted as early as 1984.

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