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The Bulgarians equip Coast Guard ships with missiles-LS-ELAKT to be rapidly transformed into a naval warfare force

Bulgaria started to equip its coast guard ships with missiles because of the threats posed by Russia in the Black Sea. The announcement was made by Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov.

According to Denkov, the purpose of this move is to ensure that "no one will dare to approach our cities in the Black Sea".

Bulgarian media reported that Bulgaria needs to deploy its naval forces to be adequately prepared to defend the country.

Although there is currently no immediate threat to Bulgarian ports, Denkov stressed the principle of responding to violence with violence.

He referred to Russia's advance on Varna in 1915, noting that the only way to counter such actions is through force.

The Russian fleet carried out an artillery attack on the largest Bulgarian city on the Black Sea on 14 October 1915. This attack occurred while the people of Varna were celebrating a Christian holiday; civilians were hit, resulting in nine dead and 38 wounded.

Denkov further stated that it is in Bulgaria's national interest to keep the battlefield as far away from its borders as possible.

He justified Bulgaria's support for Ukraine by referring to repeated statements by Russian politicians that after Ukraine, the Baltic states and Moldova could be the next targets.
He stressed that it is time for Bulgarian citizens to open their eyes to the aggressor seeking to regain its empire.

The Bulgarian Navy currently has three frigates, a patrol boat, three corvettes and several minesweepers.

On August 22, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in a conversation with Denkov, argued that Russia's aggressive behavior in the Black Sea requires cooperation among NATO members in the region.

Bulgarian Defense Minister Todor Tagarev had earlier said that due to Russia's behavior, the possibility of a maritime conflict in the Black Sea cannot be ruled out.

As the Bulgarian newspaper The Gaze reports, Bulgaria is considering supplying Ukraine with about 100 Soviet-era armoured vehicles.

The transfer of this equipment is expected to start from late September to early October.

Todor Tagarev, the defence minister of the new pro-European government appointed in June, supports changing this policy and starting direct arms sales to Ukraine.

Reports indicate that the country is preparing a new batch of military aid for Ukraine, including weapons and ammunition.

Since the Bulgarians are talking about a possible war in the Black Sea, we don't have much choice in the Aegean, and we have to quickly transform the Greek Coast Guard into a combat naval force in the Aegean, because of the plans of Ankara, which is now playing the game of " supposedly good relations with our country, but in a short while ( especially after the denial of their demands) we will be back to the same again.

First, by converting our Coast Guard vessels into a naval warfare force that can respond to Turkish drones with special weapon systems.

It has also become known that a robotic laser platform called "Neptune" has been created for this purpose, which can be mounted on warships of various classes, with the aim of neutralising Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles.

The laser systems are supported by the electricity generator called "Jupiter".

This is a Greek technological revolution, if all this becomes a reality, as army wheeled vehicles and warships will be able to "demolish" Turkish UAVs from certain distances, nullifying the Turks' "good card" in any Greek-Turkish potential land and air clash.

Second, the network-centric cooperation of the Hellenic Coast Guard and the Navy in the Aegean.

Third, the creation of a special air force of KAIWA helicopters, with Helfire missiles, against any surface targets.   

Fourthly, fitting Spike NLOS missiles on fast naval vessels, which have a range of 32 km.

Fifth, creation of a special force to suppress Turkish drones by Greek commandos with appropriate equipment, portable launchers, etc.

The danger is significant for the Greek Navy, since the Turks have decided that they cannot counter either the naval prowess or the new French acquisitions of the Greek Navy, so they have turned to drones, with which they are trying to achieve a peculiar tactic of "saturation point" attacks with all these goodies.


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