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Large arsenal discovered by Kosovars in a Serbian village - Fears of an armed uprising by Serbs

Yesterday, Kosovo Police raided a house in the municipality of Zvezda, where they found and seized a large quantity of weapons, cartridges, grenades and explosives.

Two suspects have been identified in connection with the case, but have not yet been arrested by law enforcement authorities.

The media exclusively report that there are two suspects and that they are Serbian nationals, Sava Gvodis and Rados Govdis.

At a press conference yesterday, the director of the Kosovo police for the northern region, Veton Elsani, said that the police had managed to find dozens of assault rifles, magazines, explosives, grenades, ammunition and other items.

"At this moment I cannot say much because an investigation is being conducted by the Crime Directorate, but considering the number, quantity and type of weapons, there is a possibility that this place is an arms depot," he said.

Elsani described this case as interesting to investigate because, according to him, among the weapons found were Kalashnikovs and 5X56 caliber ammunition, which are also used by NATO forces.

The Kosovo Minister of the Interior, Jelaj Svesla , announced this case during the day.

He announced in a Facebook post that this house was used to collect and distribute weapons for Serbian armed groups.

Kosovo's Prime Minister Albin Kurti said that the weapons were ready to be distributed to armed violent gangs in this part of Kosovo.

"Another victory for the authorities and security institutions. Today, Kosovo police, in the presence of KFOR troops, raided an arms depot in Zveçan, which was being used to smuggle weapons into Kosovo and distribute them to armed gangs.

Military weapons such as automatic rifles, grenades and explosives were seized," Kurti wrote on his personal account, the statement said.

The situation in the north of Kosovo became tense in late May, after residents of the region opposed the Pristina regime's illegalities.

The Serbs are in a firestorm with the Albanians in Kosovo for many reasons, and the apparent ̈́quiet" in the region is seen as a "break" before the absolute "storm", because the stakes are Serbia's recognition of the state of Kosovo and an attempt to expel the Serbs so that UN Resolution 1244 is not required to apply, which is unthinkable and of course impossible.  

Everything is in "artificial repression" in the former Yugoslav province, since Serbs and Albanians know better than anyone that the time is approaching for another war confrontation, due to ethnic issues, since Belgrade, with the help of the Russians, will not allow a pogrom of the remaining 50,000 Serbs in Mitrovica.    

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