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Albanians were preparing a provocation inside Serbian territory-Serbian Armed Forces ready for retaliation (Videos & Pictures)

Members of the special units of the Serbian police have arrested three armed members of the Kosovo Special Forces on the territory of central Serbia, as we reported earlier in the Pentapost. 

Rifat Zeka, Bechir Shefa, Mustafa Sem were arrested, and in addition to weapons, surveillance equipment, radio communications and maps were also found with them.

The quick and effective action of the Serbian police successfully prevented an attempt by the so-called Kosovo police to invade the territory of central Serbia to carry out an action which in all parameters is a terrorist act aimed at further destabilization and escalation of the conflict against the Republic of Serbia, Serbian media report.

In fact, it seems that the Albanians, in fact, aimed to provoke a Serbian reaction to escalate the tension - seemingly through Serbian fault - by carrying out provocations deep inside Serbian territory.

Following the arrest of the three Kosovo Albanians today in Leposavić, Kosovo's Prime Minister Albin Kurti reacted. He said that he suspected that they had been kidnapped by the Serbian army, clearly as Serbia's revenge for yesterday's arrest of Milun Milenkovic-Lune.

"The Kosovo police have shown that they have been very restrained in recent weeks. The entry of Serbian forces into the territory of Kosovo is aggression and a target for escalation and destabilization," Kurti said. Among other things, Kurti called on international actors to condemn Serbia's action.

Serbian Deputy Interior Minister Zeljko Brkic said that at 12:38 today, deep in the territory of central Serbia, members of the anti-terrorist police team located and arrested three members of the so-called Kosovo police in full military gear, and that the MUP members did not cross the administrative line at any time.

"All three detainees were in full military gear, armed with three automatic rifles, ammunition, maps, GPS devices and other equipment," Brkic said at a press conference at the Serbian Palace.

"They arrived at the Tresava-Batnjik crossing in an official Dacia Duster vehicle, abandoned the vehicle and headed on foot to the village of Gnzilica, where they were arrested. I emphasize that the Republic of Serbia is a serious country and that our MUP members did not cross, nor were they near the administrative line, and therefore did not violate Resolution 1244 and the military technical agreement, nor did they undertake any illegal act against the detainees," the Serbian MUP said.

Meanwhile, at least one Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk transport helicopter entered Serbian airspace from Romanian airspace, according to media reports.

The website "Flight Radar 24" showed shortly after noon that one or more US Army "Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk" helicopters were flying south of Belgrade. An aircraft or a group of them entered Serbia from the airspace of Romania and moved at a speed of about 250 km per hour, the Russia Today Balkan channel's Combat Effectiveness telegram said.

It is reported that an aircraft or a group of aircraft flew over the Lipovaczka forest at about 12:34 p.m. and is moving in the direction of Baric-Obrenovac. The Serbian President spoke with the KFOR Commander, General Angelo Michel Ristuccia.


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