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Nuclear operation "Unthinkable"- Russia can destroy Britain and France within 24 hours, shocking NATO

"Russia's Operation Unthinkable can destroy Britain and France "in a day", said a military expert, causing terror in many media.

A Russian military expert has claimed that Vladimir Putin's government has the ability to destroy Britain and France in a day if World War III breaks out.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has often hinted at the threat of World War III

Shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a warning of an impending "World War III" to the US-led NATO military alliance, a Russian adviser and military expert claimed that Moscow could easily disable the nuclear deterrent systems of Britain and France "within a day" if a global conflict breaks out.


"Russia-NATO is one step away from a full-scale World War III", Putin has been warning the West for a long time.

"Russia will eliminate the nuclear capabilities of Britain and France within a day after conducting Operation Unthinkable," Moscow military expert Dr. Yuri Baranchik said, outlining Russia's response if Putin's war against Ukraine turns into a World War 3, according to Mirror.

"In one day, we carry out Operation Unthinkable. We are eliminating the nuclear capabilities of Britain and France," the Mirror reported Dr. Yuri Baranchik as saying.

Russia is feverishly preparing nuclear bunkers

Vladimir Putin's government is investing heavily in nuclear shelters as Russia's war against Ukraine is going nowhere, and Vladimir Putin is reportedly investing in a £330,000 project in major cities to build mobile nuclear shelters.

According to the UK's Daily Express, these shelters will help the population find refuge during a devastating war.

"Vladimir Putin's Operation Unthinkable would help achieve two goals," Dr. Baranchik said.

The first would be to deprive Europe of its military geopolitical status. Next, we would have a reduction in the number of nuclear powers from nine to seven.

"Operation Unthinkable would 'flay' Britain and France," Dr. Yuri Baranchik said, while outlining Russia's tactics if World War III unfolded.

He also said that by doing so, the NATO bloc would lose all opportunities to blackmail Russia in the European theatre of operations.

"The destruction of France and Europe's nuclear capability would leave NATO in Europe with only US tactical and nuclear weapons, but their use would mean the "destruction of America", the Russian military expert noted.

Russia's plan for World War 3

In the event of World War III, Russia would be able to neutralize the UK's nuclear arsenal "without much effort," Dr. Baranchik said, adding that disabling French nuclear weapons would be a bit more "complicated.


"After the first step, Russia would issue a final warning to the United States, NATO and the European Union to stop within 24 hours from providing military and financial support to Kiev, and to implement the Russian proposal for the European security system," the Mirror reported, according to the Russian military expert.

We are talking about the scenario of an all-out war that would of course have no winners but only losers, with most of them on the old continent.

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