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The Foreign Legion blooded - Dozens of dead and wounded mercenaries evacuated in Poland after the Russian strike on the Dnieper

As the Russians lay siege to Ocheretino, NATO aircraft carry dead and wounded mercenaries out of Ukraine.


The Foreign Legion was wounded

In Poland, an evacuation of dead and wounded foreign mercenaries who were seen a few days ago in the Dnieper River area in Ukraine is currently taking place. The information is confirmed by Flightradar24, which provides evidence that a French aircraft landed in a Polish town shortly after a British A330MRTT took off.

This news has come to light at a time when the Russian armed forces frequently strike unmanned aerial vehicle operator training centres in Ukraine, as well as temporary bases of Ukrainian military units that often host foreign mercenaries. From 13 to 19 April this year, the Kremlin targeted foreign mercenary units fighting alongside the Ukrainians. 

The evacuation of Western mercenaries from the Dnieper is reminiscent of an incident last year in Odessa, when the Russian air force launched a powerful strike on the Mriya Hotel. Many Ukrainian and French military personnel are said to have been staying in this building. There were so many dead that their bodies were transported by aircraft and ships, Russian media reported.

Back to now, the Russians again hit a hotel located near a military airfield in the Dnieper region. This hotel is said to have been a command post for the Ukrainian armed forces. Given this, Ukrainian soldiers and officers, foreign mercenaries and instructors from Western armies were in it.

Casualties are said to have been high, according to Russian reports.

εκκένωση τραυματισμένων μισθοφόρων στην Πολωνία

The Battle for Ocheretino


In the direction of Avdiivka, fighting continues for the settlement of Ocheretino. The Russian Defense Ministry reports that units of the Center force group improved their tactical position and repelled 8 counterattacks by Ukrainian army assault groups. As a result of the clashes Kiev is said to have lost up to 355 soldiers, a Dana self-propelled gun and a Gvozdika self-propelled gun.

In the last week alone, Russian forces appear to have managed to advance about 1 km towards the settlement of Ocheretino. However, the Russians are in no hurry to reach the village. They know that if they enter Ocheretino before occupying the nearby settlements of Novobakhmutovka and Novokalinovo the situation may become dangerous for them, since their forces inside Ocheretino will be exposed. That is why they are trying to occupy all 3 villages at the same time.


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