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Israel is going to "bury" Turkey economically while its aircrafts simulate a raid on Iranian ballistic missiles

Relations between Israel and Turkey are now at a breaking point, following the Turkish refusal to import goods into Israel today (Tuesday) until a ceasefire is declared in Gaza.

The answer was given by the Israeli Foreign Minister in Ankara and is economically devastating for the "sick" Turkish economy:

Israel Katz said : "Erdogan is again sacrificing the economic interests of the people of his country to support the Hamas murderers in Gaza who raped, murdered and desecrated the bodies of women, girls, adults and burned the bodies of women, girls, adults and burned living children.

Israel will not succumb to violence and blackmail, will not condone the unilateral violation of trade agreements and will take parallel measures against Turkey that will damage its economy.

I have instructed the creation of a special list of products with which Israel will prevent Turkey from exporting, and in addition, I will contact other states as well as organizations in the United States in order to stop investments in this country, and to prevent the import of Turkish products to our friends in America as well.

Congress to investigate the violation of the boycott laws and will impose appropriate sanctions on Turkey."

The rivalry between the two countries will soon grow with Turkey sending a flotilla of aid to Gaza, while the Turkish economy will literally groan.

What Turkey did against Israel:

Turkey restricted exports of a wide range of goods to Israel today (Tuesday) until a ceasefire is declared in Gaza, in Ankara's first significant measure against Israel after six months of war.

Israel said it would respond to the measures, which include restrictions on exports of steel, fertilizer and jet fuel, with its own restrictions on products from Turkey.

Turkey has denounced Israel for its campaign in Gaza, which began after the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas launched an attack on 7 October.

Ankara has called for an immediate ceasefire, backed measures to try Israel for genocide and sent thousands of tons of aid to Gazans.

Israeli aircraft rehearse for a raid on bases with Iranian ballistic missiles

Following last week's strike on Damascus and threats of retaliation by Iranian officials, Israel has signaled that it will attack targets in Iran if Tehran launches a direct attack.

Citing an unnamed "Western security official", the London-based Elaph News newspaper reported that Israel has been conducting air force exercises in recent days that include preparations to target Iranian nuclear facilities and other key infrastructure.

Unnamed US intelligence sources told CNN, however, that Iran is unlikely to attack Israel directly for fear of US and Israeli retaliation, and will instead urge its various proxies in the region ( Hezbollah) to launch attacks on its behalf in the coming days.

The report was released on Monday night, and cast doubt on previous assessments by both Washington and Jerusalem that an attack by Iran would be "inevitable".

Anyone who thinks that any potential Israeli attack on Iran would not involve Turkey is mistaken. Turks, Iranians, Israelis and others are ready to start a war that will trigger global developments both in the Eastern Mediterranean and in the Middle East.

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