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Unprecedented military aid package from Sweden to Kiev as Ukrainians dream of acquiring the Turkish KAAN fighter jet in 2030

While Sweden is preparing to send Kiev a new package of military aid, Ukrainian media are dreaming of Turkish KAAN-type fighters within the next decade...


Huge Support Package from Stockholm

More specifically and according to foreign reports, Sweden is preparing these days the 15th military aid package for Ukraine with a total cost of about 680 million dollars, which will include various weapons.

Included in the pack are 35 new Swedish-made CV90 type armored infantry fighting vehicles. In the past such armored vehicles were transported to Ukraine, however this time we are dealing with a newer version of the Swedish TOMA. Of course, we are talking about brand new armored vehicles that are still in production, so the Ukrainians should not expect all 35 units too soon.

In addition, the Swedish package will include 10 CB-90 type speedboats, but also 20 smaller boats, along with underwater weapons (torpedoes etc), more 155 mm ammunition, TOW type anti-tank missile systems, Carl Gustaf type bomb launchers with suitable ammunition, medical equipment, etc. Finally, Stockholm will send to Ukraine RBS 70 man-portable anti-aircraft systems, which according to Kiev have proven particularly useful on the battlefield.

Ukrainians Dream Turkish KAAN

In other news now, the Ukrainian website DefenseExpress published an article today titled "Ukrainian Air Force Could Receive Fifth Generation Fighters in 2030s."

Of course we are talking about TAI's Turkish under-development KAAN fighter, which the Ukrainian ambassador to Turkey Vasyl Bodnar revealed that Kiev wants to buy in the future.


We should mention that the Turkish fighter has just made its maiden flight, which means that it will be operational in a few years from today. In fact, if the Ukrainian air force buys the Turkish aircraft then it will be adopted into its forces in the period 2028 to 2030, if not even later. In 2028, it is expected to be officially put into operation in the Turkish air force, but again, we must emphasize that this schedule may be modified.

Thus, the Ukrainians admit that the KAAN will not meet Ukraine's current needs for Western-made fighters, such as F-16-type aircraft. It simply represents a hope for the future of the Ukrainian air force, a hope that Moscow wants to destroy.

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