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The Russians are advancing on Kharkiv - They captured the village of Tabaevka and are now unstoppable

The Russian army captured the village of Tabayevka in the Kharkiv region, the Russian Defense Ministry announced.

"In the direction of Kupyansk with active actions of the units of the Russian western group of troops, the village of Tabagevka in the Kharkiv region was captured," the announcement reads.


In addition, in the area of ​​Shinkovka, Russian forces managed to repulse three Ukrainian attacks by assault units of the 30th and 32nd motorized brigades. The losses of the Ukrainians in the direction of Kupyansk reached 30 soldiers, two armored vehicles, three trucks, as well as one Msta-B howitzer.

In the direction of Krasnolimansk, units of the Russian Force Group "Center" improved their position along the front line and, supported by artillery, struck the assault groups of the 63rd Ukrainian Motorized Brigade in the Yambolovka and Chervona Dibrova areas.

The Ukrainians lost 280 soldiers, one tank and three vehicles.

In the direction of Donetsk, the Russian Group of Forces "South" repulsed six attacks by the attack aircraft of the 22nd motorized brigade of Ukraine in Belogorovka and Perezhnoye regions.

In the areas of Kletshevka and Krasnoe, Russian artillery hit the positions of the 81st Airborne and 10th Airborne Brigades of the Ukrainians. Kyiv forces lost 210 soldiers, two trucks, two D-30 guns and an anti-tank gun.

In the direction of southern Donetsk, soldiers of the "West" group repelled the attack of the 127th brigade of the Territorial Defense brigade near Priyutnoe, and the Ukrainians lost 90 personnel and two vehicles.

In the direction of Zaporizhia, Russian troops destroyed concentrations of manpower and equipment of the 33rd and 65th motorized brigades and the 112th brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Rabotino and Yukovka regions. The Ukrainians had 30 dead and wounded, and lost three trucks and a D-30 howitzer.

In the Kherson direction, units of the 38th Marine Brigade were defeated in the Muzykivka area. Enemy losses amounted to 40 soldiers and four vehicles.

The losses of the Ukrainians are increasing dramatically, and everything shows that the "hole" in Kharkiv is growing dangerously dangerous without being able to close.

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