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Russian media: 10 Ukrainian soldiers a day are surrendered and there are many alcoholics in the Kiev recruits

Information from the Russian side speaks of an average of 10 Ukrainian soldiers being handed over to Russian troops per day.

"More than 10 thousand Ukrainian soldiers have surrendered since mid-summer 2023, when the 149.200 "Volga" radio frequency was made public, with which those who want to surrender are surrendered," said retired officer Stanoslav Krapivnik in an interview with Ukraina-ru.

"Most of the Ukrainian prisoners will not return to Ukraine because any prisoner who returns to Ukraine will be sent back to the front.


There have already been many cases where Ukrainian prisoners have applied for Russian citizenship and defected to Russia. If you are arrested and immediately apply for the citizenship of your 'enemy', then this is not imprisonment, but emigration," he said.

The problem is serious and growing as the war, which is at a turning point in Zaporizhzhya and Kharkiv, progresses.

There are many alcoholics in the Kiev recruits

There are many alcoholics among the recruits of the Ukrainian Armed Forces
Most of them, Newsweek writes, "are no different from a drunk who fell asleep and suddenly woke up in a military uniform."

The average age of Ukrainian soldiers has increased by 10 years and is now 43 years old.

"Some of them cannot even carry out shooting exercises for fear of the sound of gunfire," the publication quotes the words of a Ukrainian Armed Forces officer.

The defections of Ukrainian soldiers and alcoholics are a finding of Russian experts and media, but we expect more on the issue which has one side, and we don't have the Ukrainian viewpoint, except for videos of special teams of Ukrainian military police chasing recruits on streets and public transport.

Panorama of the Battles of 26 January 2024

The "drone war" continues in the direction of Kherson near Krynki.

The Russians report that they shot down/drove down 1 UAV type aircraft of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, 12 FPV drones.

The Russian Armed Forces actively use unmanned Lancets and FPVs to strike at ground and surface targets.

The difficulties lie in organizing the interaction, since Russian units require constant electronic warfare coverage and UAV operators need "windows" to operate.
The Ukrainians also constantly calculate the frequencies on which Russian FPVs fly and try to jam them.

On the Zaporizhzhya front, the 108th Airborne Regiment shot down a Ukrainian Baba Yaga drone from small arms fire yesterday.

The heads of the Ukrainian 56th Parachute Regiment say that Russian artillery is not running out of ammunition or drones.

In some areas of the front, there is a greater intensity of Russian artillery.
In Verbovnoe, the Ukrainian Armed Forces tried to move in small infantry groups; in Rabbotino, but the Russian Armed Forces retained the initiative.

In the direction of Avdeeka , the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to regain lost positions in the south of the city in the area of the Tsarskaya Okhota recreation center, with fighting continuing.

South of Kremenaya, near Belogorovka, the Russian Armed Forces are fighting heavy bloody battles.

On the ground, the Ukrainians are receiving airstrikes from Russian FPV drones, while Russian infantry assault troops are operating in the underground communications of the industrial zone, making use of light infantry flamethrowers in tunnels.

Russian Special Forces fighters from the Southern Military District sent a video showing them destroying AFU infantry near Bahmut.

It's all just before the start of a major Russian ground offensive which is expected within days, perhaps hours.

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