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Checkmate by Russia - It is signing Defense Shield deal against US to save Iran

The Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported that Moscow and Tehran will sign a major inter-state agreement, following telephone talks between Sergei Shoigu and his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Astiani.

"The two sides stressed their commitment to the fundamental principles of Russian-Iranian relations, including unconditional respect for each other's sovereignty and territorial integrity, which will be reaffirmed in the major inter-state agreement being prepared for signing between Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran. ", the publication said.

Shoigu noted that Moscow and Tehran are increasing joint efforts to create an equal multipolar world, meaning of course against the US monarchy.

In addition, the two sides discussed current issues of military and military-technical cooperation and exchanged views on regional security issues.


The telephone conversation took place in a friendly atmosphere and became the next step in strengthening strategic relations between Moscow and Tehran, the statement from the Russian Defense Ministry added.
Work on a new major agreement between Russia and Iran became known in September 2022, when Vladimir Putin and President of the Islamic Republic Ebrahim Raisi discussed this issue on the sidelines of the SCO countries association summit in Samarkand.

What the Russians and Iranians are seeking in the Persian Gulf region

It is obvious that the Russians fear a possible attack (even if only as a side event) by the US-UK coalition against Iran, which is feeding the militias in Lebanon and Syria, while strongly supporting the Houthi regime in Yemen.

Moscow is trying to put a stop to the attacks and its moods, especially those of the US, while the Red Sea has been 'set alight' by attacks on merchant ships by Houthi Islamist terrorists.

But we recall that when asked by journalist Tucker Carlson if he believes the US is headed for war with Iran, Colonel Douglas MacGregor replied in the affirmative, specifying that Russia will not sit quietly and will watch Iran being destroyed by the US air and naval power in the region.

And once Russia enters it, it automatically becomes much more than a local conflict, perhaps more than a regional war. We haven't done that and we need to do that."

Also the Chinese naval presence in the Persian Gulf is a very worrying indication that Iran-Hezbollah intend to intervene in the Hamas-Israel war despite the terrorist organisation's side, in the future if the conditions are right.

Everything is hanging on a tightrope in many parts of the world, and we despair of any military development.

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