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Rubin against South Africa-Turkey-Norway: "Sanctions immediately - They support terrorism"


In a recent article we reported that the "pulling of the sweater" of the US funding of Hamas "points to" Turkey and that the US is offering $10 million for information on Hamas' financial network, pointing out that three of the five "Global" terrorists-financial sponsors of Hamas operate in Turkey.

In support of the Hamas terrorist organization, World-renowned analyst Michael Rubin is quoted in International Media, noting:

South Africa's accusations of genocide against Israel in the ICTY are "bursting"

"The United Nations International Court of Justice will hear genocide charges against Israel.

The accusations by the Republic of South Africa that Israel is carrying out genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza are false and ridiculous for two reasons.

First, civil war is brutal, but as Middle East Quarterly editor Jonathan Spyer noted, the collateral damage to civilians is probably less than what the coalition against the Islamic State tolerated when fighting the caliphate.

Second, South Africa's accusations do not match reality.

South African officials twisted words and presented a document that would fail in any law school.

South African support for terrorism over time

This is not the first time South Africa has supported terrorism. Militarily, it is the continent's weak link in counter-terrorism.

Government corruption and deceit have eroded the capacity of South Africa's own counter-terrorism and defence forces to the point where they are not only retreating instead of fighting the Islamic State in their neighbourhood, but also actively interfering with those who do.

The African National Congress (ANC) has long taken a soft stance against Hamas.

In December 2017, for example, just as the South African government was downgrading its relations with Israel, the group invited and honored Hamas at its party conference. Members of the ANC Student Union at the University of the Witwatersrand praised Hitler.

Iran sees South Africa as a fertile ground for recruiting Palestinians to attack Israel.

Just two months after Hamas launched its latest war against Israel, South Africa hosted senior Hamas officials, helping to fund their legitimacy tour.

South Africa, after Algeria's radical regime and communist Cuba, has long been the largest supporter of the Polisario Front.

The group, which calls itself the government of the self-proclaimed Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, has been exercising terror against Morocco in Western Sahara. In fact, the Polisario is as authoritarian as North Korea or Eritrea.

It runs refugee camps in Algeria with an iron fist and has zero popular support.

It is essentially a money laundering operation in which South Africa is complicit.

In 2017, South Africa took its support to a new level when it seized a Moroccan phosphate ship in what amounted to an act of state piracy. '

South Africa's plan was to capture the ship, sell its cargo and hand over the money to the Polisario Front.

Even at home, South Africa supports terror. Has the South African government ever demanded that any of those South African police officers who only a decade ago massacred miners in Marikana be held accountable? If they had, President Cyril Ramaphosa might be behind bars today.

Turkey's support for Hamas

Turkey has also fully supported Hamas, providing its leaders with passports to facilitate movement, offices to plan attacks, and even explosives.

In both planning and action, Turkey's support for Hamas, the Islamic State, al-Shabaab and al-Qaeda should qualify it as a country that fosters terrorism.

The role of Norway

Another cushion for Hamas is Norway. Norwegian politicians have gone beyond their efforts to legitimize Hamas.

In March 2007, Norway recognized the Hamas-led Palestinian government, signaling to the terrorist group that it did not have to comply with the requirements of the Oslo Accords.

Since the October 7 Hamas pogrom against Jews, Norwegian officials have been misreading international law and trying to protect Hamas from the consequences of rape, torture and murder of civilians.

South Africa may enjoy the praise it receives from countries like Cuba, Iran and Turkey, and the affirmation of progressives, Greens and other leftists, however, what is at stake in today's judicial process is the credibility of the UN. 

Indeed, it is high time that sanctions were defined and imposed on countries such as South Africa, Turkey and Norway for their support for terrorism. In Pretoria, Ankara and Oslo, money talks more than empty intercessions."

Bad things will happen for Turkey if it does not change course

The above fully confirms our earlier article entitled, "Turkey is behind South Africa's appeal to the International Court of Justice in The Hague - Targeting Israel for "genocide" in Gaza".

Our assessment is that if Erdogan does not change his stance on Hamas, does not allow Sweden's entry into NATO by taking F-16s from the US and does not give guarantees that the good climate in Greek-Turkish relations and the calm in the Aegean will continue, then Washington will "show" Turkey as a state that fosters terrorism by imposing economic sanctions by "kneecapping" its poor economy.


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