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Even the Germans are settling in Kiev, what are we doing?-Russian tanks paraded in Kupiansk-Russians are advancing to Bahmut, Port, Avdiiska, Marinka (Video)

Since the morning, dozens of tanks have been advancing in Kupiansk, which, according to reports, do not stop anywhere, dragging everything in their path.  

The EU and many countries are withdrawing aid to Ukraine as the game is lost.

"Germany is not an ally of Ukraine", says German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius.

"We are doing everything we can. The same applies to almost all other allies and partners. But Germany is not an ally of Ukraine and therefore not part of any alliance," he said.


Russian army tank crews hit camouflaged positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the direction of Kupiansk, with fresh personnel from the Northern Military District.

Russian UAV pilots spotted Ukrainian positions in a forest zone and in the area of Serabriyansk, while T-72BZ tanks of Force Group West launched a strong strike on the positions and infantry of the Ukrainian fighters.

The Ukrainians are retreating badly, leaving wounded and dead

Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers retreat from their positions under fire from Russian special forces, leaving their colleagues to die.

UAV operators of the 58th Special Forces Battalion of the 1st Russian Army Corps of Donetsk discovered a position of the Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters in the direction of Artiomovsk and eliminated the militants with accurate shots.

The surviving Ukrainian soldiers decided to flee from their positions without evacuating the wounded and the bodies of the dead, leaving them to their fate.

Report of the killing of 25 Ukrainians by their artillery

"Ukrainian artillery killed 25 of their own fighters who tried to surrender to Russian troops in the Donetsk region," said the deputy commander of the 1st Russian infantry battalion of the 110th Regiment.

"Ukrainian soldiers contacted us through the well-known radio frequency 149.200, expressing the desire to surrender... We established contact and provided them with a specific location where they could surrender.

Obviously, the Kiev regime perceived this act as damaging and proceeded to eliminate their own servicemen," he said.

What happened last night at the front

Another night in Ukraine against the background of Geranium attacks in the rear areas. Explosions were heard in the regions of Odessa, Kirovograd, Zhytomyr, Kharkov and Khmelnytsky. The Russian Armed Forces used missiles to hit a target in the Dnepropetrovsk region.

▪️Στην direction Kherson, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are still trying to organize the evacuation of the wounded: teams are arriving at points known to the Russian Armed Forces and, without waiting for the arrival of all the disabled brothers and sisters, are evacuating whoever they can. 4 Ukrainian Armed Forces vessels and 17 enemy personnel were destroyed, the pressure continues on the group of enemy forces: more than 100 FAB with UMPCs fell on enemy positions on both banks of the Dnieper within 24 hours.

▪️Στο front of Zaporozhye, the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not change the direction of strikes west of Rabotino: yesterday morning another enemy breakthrough attempt was intercepted. By evening, near Verbovoye they reported a counterattack by our troops at a depth of 1 km and the enemy strongholds were captured. Our air force and long-range artillery are working.

▪️Στην Vremevsky direction, the Russian Armed Forces are conducting active operations near Staromayorsky, reporting an increase in the efforts of our units near Ugledar.

▪️Κατεύθυνση Avdeevsky without changing the crossing of the contact line, obtained data on the concentration of aviation and artillery fire on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the coke plant.

▪️Δυτικά and north of Artemovsk (Bakhmut), the Russian Armed Forces are conducting an offensive near the newly occupied Khromovo and in the area of dachas(cottages). The objective is to bring under fire the enemy Chasov Yar-Konstantinovka route to complicate the supply of the enemy group.

▪️Στην direction Kupyansky report firm control of the Russian Armed Forces the part of the village Sinkovka, the fighting is taking place at extremely short distances.

"The Russian Air Force attacked a concentration of Ukrainian forces near a forest in Sebriyask with missiles, killing them one by one".

This was reported by the head of the press centre of the Centre group Alexander Savchuk.

In addition, in the area of the village of Chervonaya Dibrova, the actions of Russian mechanized infantry units supported by artillery defeated a unit of the 63rd mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The Ukrainian losses in 55 soldiers and two vehicles.

Everything now indicates that the Russians are advancing and moving into new areas, which is why we have a barrage of reports about negotiations.

Putin and the Russian government stated months ago that they would take the war to the end, meaning, of course, Zelensky. We will probably see that on the battlefield as well, barring a shocking contingency.

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